pride of britain awards now on itv

Carol Vorderman is looking pretty good for her age, she'd deffo get it !
I don't normally watch award shows, but glad I caught the beginning of this.

The first recipient was my ex CSM (LaLa to his friends!), great to see him still around and well done to that man.

LCpl Matt Croucher...the RM who dropped himself on top of the grenade........

bless him... he seems astounded to be in front of Michael Caine
Just seen L/Cpl Croucher being presented with his award by Sir Michael Caine, who looked choked.

Glad I watched it.
The look of disbelief on Bruce Forsyth's face when he responded to Voldemort's question 'how long did you stay in hospital?', Croucher GC, 'I didn't, we just went on with the patrol and got into a firefight with the Taliban' - what a fantastic piece of understatement. Good on Michael Caine, or perhaps he was remembering himself as Fusilier Mickelthwaite (if I spelt it correctly), believe he served in Korea.
I am in floods of tears watching the Afghan guys (wherever you are) are so incredible.
jarrod248 said:
five-minute-fagbreak said:
In case anyone wanted to see it and forgot!
Full of tears and pathetic mongs no doubt - I turned it off.[/quote]

You're wrong there Jarrod. Matt Croucher RM GC who saved his mates lives was featured. He isn't a mong. MERT in Afghanistan who save lives were on. They aren't mongs.

Ant and Dec were on. Agree with you they are mongs.

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