pride of britain awards a plan

I know its a dodgy piece of shite but I have a cunning plan.
we put mdn or somebody similar for an award.
he then gets to do something unspeakable to piers morgan on live TV :twisted:
Twisted this may seem but why don't we all nominate Gordon Brown for a POBA. He will pretty quickly realise that the award is a mockery of him...
No as good as the idea of nominating wooten basset is, I second sending MDN on the pretext of holidays4heros and the strongly reccomend that he slams that cunt Morgan in the side of the head with what ever award is given. I volunteer to go along as camera man so we can broadcast it.

edit to add I doubt the good folk of WB would actually want ,nor accept such an award anway it is not in the spirit of what they are doing.

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