Pride goeth before a fall

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. For all those worshippers of JC, maybe you want to think twice about following his wisdom.

    BBC Link

    Seriously, what kind of arrogant twat sticks those kind of details in a national newspaper? Did he really think he was immune?
  2. At least he was prepared to put his own money on the line.

    Unlike all the gubment who are more than happy to use ours!!

    Man makes mistake, man admints mistake. No weasel words.

    Vote for JC!!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I hope the charity gets sued for this - setting up an illegal direct debit. Not impressive.

  4. As far as im aware, there is nothing illegal done by the charity. They can set DD up with anyones details without needing a signiture. i could of course be talking ba11s

  5. agreed. He openly admits his mistake. He could have quietly cancelled the direct debit and said no more about it. Few MPs would openly admit the mistakes they make without spinning it.
  6. I think he's lucky only one direct debit was set up. I could have got him to pay off my council tax or gass bill or something.
  7. quite an amusing ND. Still no one seriously hurt.

    Nice one Jez, at least you tried to take th p1ss.
  8. Surely though, it might not have been the charity itself, it could have been anyone who set up the DD using JC's details.
    Someone should have done it for help for heroes :D
  9. Can someone get the details to MDN for the next ex squaddie onthe street campaign?
  10. This callsign is still a JC worshipper.

    As has been said he's obviously been wrong but had the balls to admit it openly and eat his own words!

    Can you imagine Tony Blair saying:

    "There were no WMD's in Iraq and we should never have gone anywhere near the place"


    "I should never have taken on the role of PM as i am a serial fcuk up"
  11. Whoever did it was quite clever in some respects. The fact that the used the details to set up a direct debit to a charity means that whilst what they did was illegal, JC would look mean spirited if he pursues the matter. In addition, if he cancels the DD, he may also appear mean spirited, unless it comes out that he donates lots to other charities.
  12. What's the betting the culprit is also a colleague!
  13. Cant have been the hamster or it would have been "The Mushy Brain Support Group" or yorkshire air ambulance.
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    It is almost as embarassing as a certain R Sigs Lt Col who sent a snotogram to APC demnading to know why his recently awarded MBE was not included in his posting order to a certain R Sigs TA Regt.

    He must be wondering (perhaps 'clueless' :wink: ) why his e-mail managed to get distributed so far and wide.
  15. I still love the bloke, he's paying for my new Austin Martin.

    Clarkson for PM (he'll need the pay rise after I'm finnished with him).