Pride and Prejudice...and zombies

It had to happen, and finally it has. Someone, whose name escapes me 'cos it doesn't matter, has given Jane Austen's Timeless Classic of Social Convention the undead treatment and-as it says in the jacket blurb-turned it into something that you might actually want to read.

There can only be more to follow, and rightly so. Turning Towering Titans of Stultifyingly F*uckin' Boring Literature into something other than a waste of defenceless trees and bookshelf space must be a good thing.

Where is The NAAFI Bar's role in this? There must be one, surely. We needed a change from Sven Hassel, Andy McNab and Alain De Botton and now is our chance to contribute as only we can. But how? "Bravo Two Werewolf? "Flashman the Vampire Killer?" "Fear and Loathing in Moonee Ponds?"

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