Prick Disresepcting British Soldiers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by feckemall, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Been advised by my legal council to remove this - bollocks!
  2. It's bollocks, British Soldiers systematically kill and torture babies (although traditionally the other way round) everywhere not just Afghan. Why I remember my time in........
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  3. I have collected a bag full of the yellow Starbursts (Opal Fruits to the elderly) as I do not care for the yellow type.

    I would be willing to swap this bag for a bag of any other colour Starburst (preferably red) or for a mixed bag as available at your local confectioners.
  4. How dare he?!!

    To even suggest that there is some form of system involved rather than gleeful acts of random violence at the time of ones choosing.

    I am outraged.
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  5. Your mistake was purchasing starburst in the first place, poor quality sweet.
  6. Quality street is chocolate ( mostly) and not a fruity chew, so its not a comparison.........jesus some people

    No horsemeat was used in the production of this post
  7. So after you've killed the babies, do you eat them or just use them for sex? If they've been tortured I imagine the meat is unacceptably tough, and sour with adrenaline as well.
  8. The Iron Duke has Deltics, gentlemen I give you something far better GMC 2 Stroke Diesels,
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  9. I find them an adequate replacement for my preferred Chewits. My local shop has not stocked Chewits since 1997 and I find it irksome to have to travel further.