Price Philip back in hospital again....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by abeaumont, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Breaking news....

    Admitted to London Clinic for exploratory operation. Expected to be in two weeks.

    Get well soon Sir.
  2. He'll be fine.......he has to be.

    All the best boss
  3. Just heard on the BBC TV news that the PM has 'tweeted' his best wishes to HRH. What planet is that unutterably stupid man from?
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  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery DoE
  5. Two weeks surrounded by nurses. I worry about his BP!
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  6. The same one as all the people on this forum sending their best wishes.
  7. ..but those on this forum actually mean it, as opposed to tweeting something as a good publicity move. Highly likely that a PR staffer does the tweeting on CaMorons behalf without the man himself being in the least bit involved.
  8. I'd love to be there to hear his reaction. "Twitter? Twitter? What the bloody hell are you talking about, woman?"
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  9. Possibly, but if I were him (Philip) I would prefer that then the nonsense an arse licking Blair would pull.

    There is no doubt that No 10 and Cameron have a twitter/facebook/social shite representative to spout all the twitter shite that they need doing.
  10. Hopefully he will pull through, the world will be a much more boring place when Phil the Greek shuffles off his mortal coil.
  11. He is doing everything to lower the tax burden on the UK Economy... carry through the good effort.. to the End.

    I shall go home now...
  12. I think Prince Harry of whatever lineage rather does things in a more sporting way... a chip off one.s block...