Price of green.anti nuke insanity: Smart Grids & Domestic Load Shedding

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Or, if you prefer:

    Fridges could be switched off without owner's consent to reduce strain on power stations - Telegraph

    This has been lumbering on behind only slightly ajar doors for years, arcane debates about how to manage grids as they become more prone to variation in supply as generation capacity & continuity is sacrificed before the great Greens Gods.

    One of the solutions offered is "Demand Side Management". That, in case you had not guessed, is you being managed, although it gets dressed up in bullshit describing how this enables consumers to manage their own energy consumption more efficiently.

    This "demand management" can take many forms, some relatively harmless like consumer education to the more blunt, such as Critical Peak Pricing, which charges penal rates should you dare to switch something on at certain times and Real Time Pricing which puts consumers at the total mercy of the corrupt and distorted energy market.

    At the heart of all this is the Smart Grid, which whilst not a bad idea of itself now carries a vast can of Eco-worms because it has been lighted on by the Green babblers as the way forward in terms of stringing together a patchwork of ever more ropey electricity generation sources in the hope it will somehow not keep falling over.

    And at the extreme end of this, and very attractive because it is seen as an "easy" option, is Automated Appliance On/Off and Smart Plugs. Which you cannot control.
  2. It would never happen. The cost would be massive to get it implemented as would the compensation bills for all the items of spoiled food.
  3. Another example of the drip, drip attempts at gaining control over all aspects of our lives. The final aim being a drugged, microchipped population of slaves.
  4. Dull troll
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  5. Do you not recognise a "frightener" report when you see one?

    A report that paints an unacceptable picture for the sole reason to prompt some activity to avoid it?

    To implement a smart grid would take decades...

    The appliances would have to be designed to incorporate this Microchip (or at least the relevant code in the existing chips)
    The appliances would have to go on sale

    How long would it take before a noticable percentage of appliances were available to be controlled - years
  6. Because of course pulling a Cat 5 out of the back of a fridge or shielding an antenna to stop it rx-ing is beyond the wit of man, isn't it?
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  7. Morpheus-Red-or-Blue-Pill1.jpg
  8. And then we have the Skript Kiddie attitude to electronic stuff to contend with. How long before some spotty chav discovers how to remote-shutdown lots of stuff, then starts doing it for the hell of it just because he can? It already happens with computer viruses.

    Next up, various Mafia organisations. "Greetings, Mr Smith of 33 Acacia Avenue. We know where you live, and we know what your smart meter ID is. Pay us $20 per week or we shut off your power". These scum don't even need to have the power; spam enough people with a threat and you'll get a few gullible ones who'll pay for the spam-run.
  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    And the cost would in any case belong to the consumer.
  10. I’m sure you’re one of the ‘governments are always honest and have the best interest of the people at heart’ brigade. And of course Britain having one of the most DNA’d and CCTV camera’d population in the world is really the tooth fairy’s stories.
    You dull idiot, what fantasy planet do you live on?!
    How Big Brother watches your every move - Telegraph
  11. The cost of what? A device to monitor the supply frequency would cost pennies.

    No need for a "smart grid". A frequency monitor could simply switch an appliance off if the supply frequency drops below a specified level.

    No need for fancy "codes" or "chips", just a simple circuit.

    No need for communication to or from the appliance, just specify a minimum frequency below which the appliance will not operate, and Robert's your mother's brother.

  12. Or we could just hold a 'referendum'. Anyone who votes green on this has their names and addresses noted, hit squads are dispatched and every one of the yoghurt knitting twats gets a 9mm in the head before they take us back to the stone ages.
  13. Frequency/voltage sensors are the Mk I version.

    The grand plan forsees devices communicating with a (mandatory) Smart Meter via the home wiring just like the existing Homeplugs & the like. No Cat 5 cables involved.

    That "Smart Meter" aka a home energy hub then spews forth data on your energy consumption and patterns and can take remote instructions to selectively shut down certain appliances.

    All here if you care enough.

    Anyhoo, rolling power cuts may kick in long before the technology is in place. On current projections that could be in as little as 3 years for the UK because of the ongoing loss of conventional and nuclear generation capacity

    At which point a politician, smiling broadly, will come along and offer (mandatory) load shedding/Smart Grid/Smart Meters Peak Pricing etc as the only solution.

    If you do not currently care about any of that, fine. Just do not start bleating when it happens
  14. Oh, that's right there's a Government conspiracy to, well I don't know exactly what, but there's something...

    Britain having one the most DNA'd and CCTV'd population in the world? Tell you what, have you worked in a busy town centre at night, when you've got reports of an assault coming in at an average of one every 5 minutes? Try dealing with that if you've had no-one watching, so next time you're out and if you get a smack in the gob (because quite frankly you're probably the type never to let an issue lie) just ask the Police not to review the CCTV with regards to your case.

    I know its a cliche, but if you've got nothing to hide - you've got nothing to fear, I've visited various CCTV suites and 99.9% of the population are not even given a second look. So its not some sort of oppresive overwatch.
  15. Erm... why would the frequency change?