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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PintPrice, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Hey chaps!

    Just made a bit of a brillaint website - - telling the traveling world the price of a pint in any country. Problem is, I havn't visited every country in the world, much less had a pint in them all.

    So I make a request to every traveling soul on this fourm:

    Go to, find a country where you might know the price of Beer, click Set the Price and tell the world how dirt cheap it is!
    (For example, would someone set the price of beer in Iraq!?)


  2. So that would make you Andrew Waterman, presumably? :)
  3. You just click on "find" and one is shown the price!
  4. Whoops, sorry ..... "blonde" moment!!!
  5. :lol: thank you bovvy, i just sprayed Becks all over my monitor. you dizzy sod :lol:
  6. It might be the Kronenbourg 1664, currently on special offer in the Spar/NAAFI that buggered my judgement.
  7. Your second link doesn't work because you've inserted a comma in it, are you sampling beers from around the world as we speak???
  8. I remember getting blocked for a week in Bergen, Norway. Came back and had to sell my TV. Now there's dedication to duty.