PRI fund collections legal or theft..

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by civi-in-green, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Taken from your pocket and not from pay, put into a big pot for an array of things that are used by both mil personel, civil servants, children, visitors etc. No say as to what the money is spent on, no receipts given either....Is this a legal collection OR a forced VOLUNTRY collection???
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Why do you ask?
  3. Its a question that I think will cause debate in this forum. And it is a subject that grips my poo.
  4. Actually CIG, it grips my poo also. To the extent that I've refused to pay mine.
    Quite a lot of pressure came my way to buckle but as you say, no receipts given and I have no say on how it gets spent. So no.

    Apart from being called names for not paying it, it was 'justified' by saying it goes towards leaving do's and gifts. Neither of which I have received by any of my units. The lads usually go collecting with an envelope to raise funds for this sort of thing, with the unit refusing to splash out! Of course being a respected NCO....., some of the juniors also followed my lead. So I'm waiting for an interview without coffee shortly.

    Unless people can justify these payments, they will get nothing of mine.
    I don't cause many stirs but this one grips me.
  5. The PRI account should get audited by someone nominated from your unit/garrison as well as by an external agency. This should ensure all incomings and outgoings are above board.

    If you are questioning whether the money you give out of your pcket makes it into the fund, then this is another, and very serious criminal, matter which needs to be reported up the COC ASAP.

    If the COC are not receptive to it, then take it further via the welfare people, padre or fraud hotline (if it is stil up and running?)
  6. Not sure about the PRI but when I was an OC it was voluntary to join the subunit fund. There where a few miserable fockers that did not want to contribute the £3 a month subscription which was used for the good and benefit or the subunit members. So I changed the rules a bit; on joining the fund you got a ‘free’ subunit T shirt which you paid for by the first 2 months of subscriptions. Dress for PT parades was either subunit T shirt with civy shorts and trainers or issue shorts T shirt and silver shadows. Worked a treat, nothing better than publically showing people up and letting peer pressure take over.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Paying into a fund that helps out and can be seen to help out the unit is one thing. Bullying someone into paying their money into a system for which they see no return is something else altogether, which is what I gather the original poster is on about.

    The first is a great idea the second almost certainly criminal if looked at closely.
  8. And in this day and age, who can you trust?

    Make it all above board, issue receipts and make the accounts transparent.

    It's okay saying we're all in the Army and we have integrity, honesty, etc, until somone nabs all the cash and there's no proof who it came from or how much there was in the pot.

    Accountability and a proper audit system/trail should be in place. Run the account as any sub unit account should be run - BY THE BOOK!!!

    And, come on bluebells (ex OC), you should know better. What you did was tantamount to bullying and harassment. They were hardly equitable and fair rules. It may be what was done in the past, but people are thinkers nowadays and know that type of action is incorrect.
  9. oldbaldy

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    Doesn't always work though.
    I was in more than one unit where all Officers and Warrant Officers wore funny coloured jumpers. Some people get really upset when a senior Warrant Officer won't toe the party line & is not afraid to tell them so.
    Oh & the lads loved it :D
  10. Having moral courage is much better than this:

    "nothing better than publically showing people up and letting peer pressure take over"

    tut tut!!
  11. No thats called discrimination. You must have been a right c0ck. Im yet to see an officer openly pay his subs for the PRI.
  12. Surely any fund that is donated to by personnel in the unit should have a committee that decides where and when the money is spent, made up of representatives of all ranks and from all sections of the unit, this makes things transparent and above board. It should also be fully accountable and regularly audited by the relevant, external, authority. And, no, you shouldnt be forced into contributing to it.
  13. Care to elaborate? Would you like to see the cheques personally?
  14. Interesting points. I also shall not be paying, and have been promised a string of interviews with no coffee! Therefore I see that as extorting money with harrisment!!??
    Im alot older and wiser now...
  15. I believe that the PRI fund is the only legal equirement to pay, it is in QR's as opposed to Sqn Subs etc.