Prezza allegedly has affair with MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Now, in the interests of the future of ARRSE, I will refrain from opening up the site to legal action.

    However, for those who want to be privy to the name of the recipient of the Deputy Prime Minister's fluids , the Guido Fawkes blog points a finger in the general direction.

    Edited by PTP (just in case)
  2. I just cannot believe that there are 3 women in the world who would wish to share a bed\office\car back seat with him.
  3. It would seem that "allegedly" he just can't help but fcuk up! Hopefully this will be the end of "the Teflon coated, punch throwing, expense account abusing tw4t" :twisted: :twisted: After all he doesn't actually do anything, does he?

    I do hope that the new label of "3 shags" sticks. What some women will do to "allegedly" progress their careers......... urgh disgusting!
  4. And we are supposed to trust him why?

    Is it true he is still Deputy PM because of his elected position as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, which Bliar can't take away from him as it's voted for by the membership of the party?
  5. They wouldn't spoil two houses.
  6. Have you got a link? Or could you PM me with a clue, please?
  7. If it is who I think it may be, predictions that future would look rosy for her if she slept with Prezza appear to have come true.
  8. I find that typing the name into Google normally does the trick...
  9. A google search for "order" twice hyphenated may do the trick as well as Guido's name...
  10. I just wouldn't mind knowing what they had to drink before the deed was done, must had render themselves unconcious PDQ.
  11. As Guido allegedly claims and the Mail also screams, Prezza's diary secretaries seem to do AWFULLY well in the posting stakes once they move on...the one before Tracey went to China, the alleged MP is now a Privvy Councillor etc as well as loans for Lordships it is now alleged people are getting titles and postings for shags and to shut up afterwards. Mind you it is in their interests to shut up - who'd be able to look at them and not go Eeewwwwww!

    Bets now being taken on how long he can last? And if he goes will he drag others with him or will they give him a wee job and a sinecure somewhere to shut him up?
  12. His diary secretaries have probably done this already. :lol:
  13. Pitty about all this, I quite liked Prescot.

    He was proper Labour
    He was a Merchant man not a f**king solicitor
    He bought British cars.

    All the rest seem like complete idiots, came
    straight out of Uni, never running a damn thing
    in their life and all of a sudden are leaders of the

    Politicians should be forced to work for at least
    2 years in a business environment, then they would
    know how to operate things.
    For thats basically what a country is a bussiness
    invest in things and make profit.

    Though still doesnt excuse Prescot , what a dumass :eek:
  14. Her name is an anagram of 'prime tits on owner'.

  15. It's a She, Boring, bring back Mengler far more juicey then Two or Three Bonks.
    How long are this bunch of clowns going to allowed to make Cnuts of Parliment ?