Preying on grief

A mate of mine has been trolling this womans page for the last week on Facebook to amuse himself at work, asking for the winning lottery numbers for next week and calling her a con artist. Funny stuff, but having looked on the page I can't believe so many people buy into this shit and actually pay her significant sums of cash for "letters from heaven" or messages from dead relatives which are clearly a load of bollocks. Preying on the grief stricken, vulnerable and desperate beats working for a living I suppose!
Dear Master Bates,

I had a natter with your dead mum this morning, she asked me to tell you to open up a b&b and give the blonde lasses who drop by some 'preferential' treatment in the showers! She said you'd understand! She also said to mention there are no Muslims in heaven but everyone's an immigrant! Which is nice! As are the views! Wish you were here. Etc. anon. Mum...

F. R. Aud.

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