Previously lost battery overlooking Omaha Beach

That is fascinating. The stuff of dreams to find something like that and how odd that it was lost in the first place.
I don't think it was ever "lost" - just not on the D Day tourism trail. Its marked clearly on the HMSO set of Op Neptune maps as "Belived to hold 4 x 6.1" + 2 x 2.9 - actually held 3 x 4.1 + 1 x 2.9" " and was attacked pre H Hour only by an air attack. The mopping up operation gets a couple of sentances in the US Official history "cross channel Attack"

I think they are the casemates Mmarked on the IGN maps qabout 1 km sw of Maisy. Probably wasn't easy to gain access. Hillman was as over grown 15 years ago, but easier to get to.

Thsi batteyr wasn't singled out as the target for a coup de main assault, like Pointe Du Hoc or Merville Battery. The interestign question is why were some of the batteries seen as so important that they a batallion of rangers or paratroops had to be launched against them, while others with just as big guns (Longues & maisy) were left for NGS and aircraft.

Great news that they will be open to the public.
It is good to see some historical sites being brought back to life. I have 4 young boys who have become really interested in this type of thing. We live in Ramsgate, kent and are only 20miles from france so will be going over to see this.

We have tunnels running under Ramsgate that were used during WW1 & WW2. They were blocked up when we moved here but my boys would love to have a look!

Does anyone know anywhere i can take my boys for a day/weekend?
We walk everywhere or get trains as i do not drive at this time but love to goto sites like this and have a look around. We have been to Dover castle which has a lot of tunnels used during WW2. Is interesting.

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