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Apprently Im in the bracket. Before joining the reg army I was in the stabs. Because Ive still got the same regt number from when i joined the ta they have included my ta service + reg service which has put me in the bracket. does this include in my service or is it just "regular" service that counts towards? My reg service alone puts me nowhere near the bracket, and i cant even sign off yet! Im pretty much sure of the answer but just wanted to double check.


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Why combine Stab to Reg with 'sign off'. FWIW, I would give my hind teeth to be in again!
It's tied to your pension scheme, as you've not been in long enough to sign off you'll be on the 05 scheme.

Use your reg service only, on the redundancy calculator and you should have an idea of your likely payout.

Have you had 2 SJARs in rank?
Im not saying I want it. I dont want reduncey. Not had 2 SJARs in present rank. Looked on calucator with just reg servce and Im not able to be made redundant. I was just checking that the bracket didnt include TA service aswell as reg service
You'll probably find your TA service counts towards your eligibility for redundancy but will not count towards your payout as you weren't part of the pension scheme.

You need to read the DIN.
If you're sure, print it, highlight the relevant bits and get an interview with your RCMO. Ask him to clarify your eligibility with APC Glasgow.
We had a guy in our unit who was told he was in the bracket but they had clearly taken in some TA or Cadet service or something. RCMO phoned Glasgow and he was taken off the list.
lad in the bracket in my place

joined in 2008 DAOR'd during training.... fresh from depot (literally about a week) he gets told hes on the list haha.. theyve calculated it as if he never would have left...

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