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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dan782, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum. I am filling in the application form to join the Royal Navy and I am at the section where it asks for previous military service. I joined the Army in 2001 and got as far as week 5 in Phase 1 training, but had a change of heart on the trade choice... long story short, couldn't change job choice and decided it maybe better leaving rather than doing a trade I didn't appreciate.

    An ex-service man has told me that because I didn't complete Phase 1 training, I do not have any previous military service and could ignore it, but I don't know how accurate this is. I don't have any paperwork with my service details on, so not sure what to do. The AFCO is closed until after the New Year.

    Anyone in on the know? Should ignore this section and move on or not?


  2. It does count as previous service, though it won't affect your application or basic training. You shouldn't need any paperwork from the Army either; I think you just need to give your old service number, the unit you were part of (probably the training establishment) and the date when you served (start to finish) in the AFCO Form 4. However, somebody involved in recruiting should be able to tell you more.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Your service number will provide all the details they need. If you dont tell them it may look bad on your part!
  4. Ok, but I don't have any records of my service number in training. What would happen if I just tick Yes to previous military service and leave the rest blank? Could they locate my previous records with whats on the application - name, DOB, NI, etc? Otherwise, it's going to be a long route writing for a request of information to wherever the records are kept :(
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I can only advise you to be honest!
  6. Put in as much detail as you can - they will have to check the army records to confirm what paragraph of Queens Regs you were discharged under.
  7. I've found an old P45 from Army with a letter from SPVA. Is the employee number the service number? I think its the same. Also, I've only just noticed that the NI number is incorrect, will that cause any problems with re-enlistment to another service and would it be worthwhile contacting the number on the SPVA letter to correct this?
  8. Is it 8 numbers starting with a 2 - then yes. The NI number shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I would say don't worry to much about it ,and at your first interview explain all this.If in doubt leave it blank, your recruiter will be able to help. Good luck (you can always ask for another application form if you made a mistake !)
  10. The employment number is 9 digits beginning with a 3. Would SPVA still have my details on their systems and would they give me my service number if I contacted the main SPVA/JPAC? number on the MOD website? Wanting to get this ready to get the ball rolling as soon as possible ie this in the post rather than wait until the AFCO opens.