Previous Service, asthma

Hi, 6 months ago left the marines during week 17 of training as an opt out, whilst i was there i reported to sickbay complaining of coughing, and shortness of breath, more of a hayfever reaction i think, nothing serious, not serious enough to get md'd anyway, i took a peak flow test and the doc said i did fine, anyway i was prescribed a reliever, but never needed to use it. im worried that the doc may have described asthma symptoms on my computerised record.
Anyway im currently applying for the parachute regiment, and am worried this may be a dq factor, i do long distance running frequently, can do the 1.5 in a respectable time, and have no symptoms, do you think i should get my civvie doc to confirm this???
a speedy response would be great as this is frustrating!

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