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I'm 22,have applied to join the Army.I have had a knee injury before(ligament in right knee).That was 3 years ago,had treatment and never had problems after that.I continued playing handball,football and basketball.I'm currently waiting to go for selection.i was wondering if someone here knows how the docs in pirbright react to previous knee injuries and how they examine your knees???it's my dream to join and i really hope they don't fail me 'cause of my past...was my only injury,and i'm back to 100% fitness!
As long as you pass the fitness critieria (which lets be honest are piss easy!) then you will be in. However, the Docs who assess you need to be told.

Its OK doing sport but what about CFTs etc. Exercise with boots on and weights, done any of them recently? They if any exercise will show weaknesses in your knees.
Depends on the injury and how it was treated.

I have recently heard that ACL problems and in particular past ACL reconstruction can be a bar to recruitment.

Sorry if this includes you.


done a lot of dad showed me quite a bit,he was in the army.
sports are no problem.before i came to london 4 months ago i did sport just about every day,with 2 or three games at the i'm just concentrating on my upper body fitness and the running so i pass selection.
JJ said:
it was a partial rupture of the acl...
had intensive physiotherapy for a few months
Best get in touch with ACIO and find out! Apart from that, not much else we can tell you.

However, if you join up as a QA, you should be OK. They do no phys at all, in fact its frowned upon!


Dui-Lai wrote:
However, if you join up as a QA, you should be OK. They do no phys at all, in fact its frowned upon!
That may be so but credit where its due - they did help us lads out with our press-ups on a few occasions ! :twisted:
Bad news. ACL reconstruction for new recruits is currently not acceptable as far as I understand. You are classified as unfit for military service. This may seem amazing, 1) in view of a number of top class athletes having had the op and still continuing to perform at international level (eg Rob Howley rugby). 2) the number of serving soldiers who have had reconstructions and continue to serve normally. 3) The progress that has been made with ACL reconstructions since the rules were put into place.

Rumour has it that this is under review, but don't hold your breath.

Give it a shot anyway and good luck - it would probably be good if you had an independant "expert" report on the strength of your damaged knee, saying that it is strong enough to withstand high levels pof physical training.

Good luck
j j , 9 months before my due in date i injured myself in a similair way , and required surgery on my left knee , after intensive trianing/physio managed to get through training and 9 years , so keep up the phys and really build up your thigh muscles to help support your knees and you should be ok.

good luck anyway.
so you got through the medical at selection???thanks for that info,really gives me a bit more confidence!
since the injury happened i have been training really hard to get fit,and i really think i'm prepared well enough!so i hope the docs give me a chance to show i am capable of succeeding!i've got an appointment this thursday at the afco...hopefully they'll send me to selection soon!!
@ timbo:i have sent them a report from my doctor in Germany,which says that in his medical opinion i am fit for physical activities of all that the kind of report you mean?
yes i got a note from the consultant that operated on me that i took to sutton coldfield , and this was deemed acceptable by the medics , toch wood i've never had any problems , and the warranty ran out on the op years ago.... i think the less of a big deal you make about it ,the less they will.
Hi JJ,
That sounds fine, and some seem to have got away with no problem. There is a more detailed report you can get done, generally at sport specialist (private) medical facilities. I used a clinic outside Cardiff. They put you through a series of exercises (attached to a computer) on both legs, monitoring various performance indicators. They then compare the results of your good leg to your bad, and express it in a numerical report. It probably is too much unless you get turned down - an option of last resort!
if the docs turn me down,i'll try another specialist...but i'll see how it goes first.surely if they see that report from my doctor,who's patient i was for years,they should accept his opinion!?!?oh well,i'll just hope for the best!thanks very much,people!!
thanks again!!
i'm sure i'll make it!
i'll give it 100%!!my dream of being in the army WILL come true! :D
i'll let you guys know how it goes...

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