Previous Employment holding me back?

Hi guys,

I'm thinking of starting the application process to join up as a engineer going for the draftsman trade, I'm reasonably fit and I'm booking into my doctors for a checkup to look at my health ( don't want to waste anyone time if I'm not suitable to begin with)

The main thing I'm worried about is that about 5 years ago I spent a year as PCSO, which I quickly started to hate. I mainly left because I didn't feel I was worth 20 grad of taxpayers money just to walk around and pretend to be useful (no offense to any current PCSO's out there I'm sure there are some great officers out there!)

Anyway will this count against me at all as I don't want to me marked as a quitter. Since then I have done a degree in Design Engineering so I hope maybe this will offset that.

Soz for the essay! All advice welcome :eye:
It wont have any affect on your application, if you get to the interview stages later on in the process it will be something that you can chat about, also shows responsibilty.
Cheers The Iron,

Guess all I have to worry about now is the gov cutbacks and that my body isn't too fucked from years of abuse!

( I can say fucked on these forums can't I ? )
On the contrary. It shows that you can weigh up the pros and cons of a situation, make a decision and act upon it even though it risks upsetting someone else.

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