Previous Asthma Diagnosis for AAC

Hi Guys
Well the main problem is the fact that I was diagnosed at 8 with asthma but received no real symptoms and never experienced an attack. When I became interested in an aircrew role in the services I went to a specialist in Asthma who after tests diagnosed me without asthma. So does the fact that I was diagnosed with asthma rule me out of pilot like the RAF or does the fact t I was diagnosed without carry any weight for joining the army as a pilot obviously after training at sandhurst.

Can't speak for RAF but I had a similar situation when applying for Infantry.

I had bad Asthma as a child and was even hospitalised as a result. I started training in my teens, slowly increasing my lung capacity etc. When I applied, aged 18, I told the ACFO the situation and that I hadn't had any symptoms for years, which at that time was the truth. He told me not to worry about it and even told me to leave it off the sheet.

I went on to join the Infantry and have never had a recurrence of any symptoms.

I wish you luck your career and hope you don't come across any 'short sighted' personell during your application/medical etc.

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