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Well the main problem is the fact that I was diagnosed at 8 with asthma but received no real symptoms and never experienced an attack. When I became interested in an aircrew role in the services I went to a specialist in Asthma who after tests diagnosed me without asthma. So does the fact that I was diagnosed with asthma rule me out of pilot like the RAF or does the fact t I was diagnosed without carry any weight for joining the army as a pilot obviously after training at sandhurst.

My son was in the same position,except the diagnosis at eight was 'wheeze', when his neurotic mother (my Ex) insisted his winter cold was more than it really was. Passed pilot selection for UAS, but was permanently grounded six months later, when Cranwell got hold of his medical records from GP. He was told this would apply to all blue and green aircrew posts. Silly, as he's a quality runner and fit as a butcher's dog.
I had childhood asthma and had no problems becoming aircrew. Been flying since 1998 and at every annual medical they never even mention it. Provided you have been clear for a number of years and you pass the medical, then crack on and good luck with flying training.


I had the exact same problem in the early days of my application for the AAC. I was initially refused hands-down for asthma (this being about 5 years ago at least), and therefore wasn't called forward for OASC aptitude testing.
Luckily for me, my dad is a doctor and managed to set up an appointment for a Pulmonary Function Test, including a histamine challenge (something I wouldn't have known about at that age otherwise), and got a sympathetic GP to write a covering letter giving his opinion that I should be allowed to go through selection.
I wrote an appeal to, I think, the Director General of Aviation Medicine, or something like that, with all the PFT results, the GP's letter, and requested and appeal. I was brought back down to OASC for all the tests, and passed no problem. The AAC now have no problem with my asthma history, and I'm going for Flying Grading early next year.

Getting the PFT done yourself is pretty important, and easy enough to obtain, as it also goes to prove your determination and enthusiams for the career you're applying for. Just try to get a sympathetic GP on side.

Hope this helps, it's a rubbish situation to be in. I remember the depression after being initially told that I caouldn't fly because of a mis-diagnosis as a child. Hope everything works out for you.
Thanks for the great advice and its very much appreciated. Would the fact that I had an asthma specialist say I didnt have it mean something and should the fact that I got a GP saying that I didnt have it or shouldnt have any problems mean anything also.

P.s the specialist also said that I should be ok to go for aircrew but I suppose he isn't a military doctor.
How old are you? When did you last get a prescription? Did you EVER get a prescription?

I thought I would fail on this as I had it up until I was 14 and then got binned in an application letter when I was 16.

I had no problems through uni and then when I eventually went for an aircrew medical at RAF Cranwell (always have been a bit stubborn), all I did was explain it was never really a problem. Tick VG and Robert's your father's brother!

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