Previous application

I applied when I was 18. I didn’t turn up to a part of the selection process because I was a dosser. 7 years later (having sorted myself a bit), if I applied again, is this likely to be brought up and be much of a stumbling block?
probably not but it wont matter anyway, the recruitment is done by ciivis now. If you do apply make sure you call the recruiting team every week as its the only way of getting things done.

Good luck
no problem, im currently rejoining at the minute, im ex regulars and going reserves for now then going back regulars after a year or two, the application process is a joke now. I have been told by the unit im joining to put in a complaint, its not normally something I would do but if it helps people after me im all for it. let me know if you need to know anything else.
phoning weekly is not appropriate (in most cases) and is only going to increase the workload of the very small number of people who deal with recruiting and (surprise surprise) actually slow the whole process down even further.

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