Previous application to the regulars?

Appreciate a bit of advice from anyone in know,
I've asked the OTC pretty much the same question

Right currently applying for student nurse in the Army, but as this is the slowest process known to man, have also gained a place on a civi degree course as a backup. If the start date comes for the civi nursing course and I haven't been given an answer by the Army then i'll just have to start my degree outside instead - and thats looking all too likely.

What I want to know is will the fact I've started the applying for the Army and essentially given up cause they take too long make a huge difference in anybody's mind when the TA look at me. Plus do they actually still deal with student nurses in the TA or will I have to pick another trade.
This will be in Birmingham if that makes any difference.

PS. Not concerned at this stage about officer training in case that makes any difference.



I am a student in the TA, so yes they do take on student nurses.
try this link - TA near you

The website can give u address and who to contact as to reguards to your nearest unit and field hospital!
I shouldn't think it should make to much difference, someone I work with applyed to the regulars but started training in the NHS and is now in the TA, yes they asked my he didn't continue with the reg army route but he wasn't turned away or put down.
poss try asking someon the QARANC forum or on the army.mod site talk to one of the recruiters either by phone or online and email!
If you are going into Nursing, could I suggest that you look at a TA unit which does something different? I am sure PartTimePongo will be able to point you in the right direction if you are in the Birmingham area.

Sorry to bump this back up again but just had a thought. Given it's only recently that I've done the BARB test and got my references etc can that be passed on from my AFCO to the TA unit to save having to go out and get all this info again? Or am I trying to be too logical?
From the TA website:

Skilled professionals and students from a wide range of nursing disciplines account for almost half of the TA Medical Services.
Your nearest TA AMS unit in Brum will be 202 Field Hospital at:
RHQ 202 Fd Hosp, B Sqn 202 Fd Hosp
Roger Nutbeem House
Dawberry Fields Road
B14 6NY

Sorry no number but get it from the phone book or call in to the centre.

It is unlikely that the recruiters there will be surprised or troubled by your previous regular application and will probably be familiar with your 'treacle kicking' experience.

Finally on your BARB and references: do them again, it will be 15 times faster and 20 times easier.

Any other questions you'd probably be better asking in the professionally qualified board. Good luck!

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