Pretty impressive barn find collection in the U.S.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by slick, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Old geezers been collecting this stuff for decades and now he`s croaked it. Some very rare motors in amongst the collection. :)
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  2. Pretty impressive? Mental more like I'd have loved to have had a nosey around that place sounds like the fella didnt have any releatives wonder what will happen to the money raised.
  3. those model T & As looked solid, they will fethc big money on the hot rod circuit
  4. So if you bought one would you restore it or run as is?
  5. Man spends life collecting cars, man dies, cars auctions off for profit or, "shared with the world" as he so knowingly and shamefully puts it; because they certainly couldn't give a **** about the historical integrity of the collection.
  6. Welcome to the Harley 2013 retro collection.

    It is amazing to think there are still odd pockets of kit waiting to be discovered, not so long ago a French collecter had a similar haul of German goodies, albeit not in as good condition. Did those bikes really start up on demand? There are some modern bikes that won't play after three months, let alone three decades!
  7. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I watched the series and had to up my heart meds halfway through the bikes. I'm not sure if its miraculous or obscene that machines left on their own for that long a period of time should turn over. The Wagner, Henderson and Harley are so clean and detailed they could have been on the original showroom floor.

    The breaking up of the collection is an absolute shame.
  8. I'd go for the restoration if I had the cash, what an amazing collection (qualified by the fact that I'm a freak hoarder if only I had the space)
    Gonna check out the auction, anyone with garage space want to go halves on a roadster

  9. What you wont have seen is the time they spent fettling with them to get them running a fair bit of crap coming out the back suggests a fair bit of quick start. as wel as what you would expect from something stood so long. I know the same as happend with vespa/lambretta's that's kicked over after a clean bit of petrol has been added to the tank. I'd say that it's possible they started pretty easy due to the condition they were stored in and weren't exposed to the elements were the piston would have seized in the barrel mind you nothing a bit of diesel down the top and left to soak might not sort out.
  10. was that for me, Brett? I would have the steel Model T coupe, throw away everything apart from the body and grill shell.
    Drop it over a new chassis, Chevy straight six from a late 70's truck, 4 speed floor shift and stripped out interior. Runnng on 16" inch steels and wide white walls. Just like my last one :)

    There is no shortage of Model Ts, weirdly the hot rod versions fetch as good money as stockers iver there