Pretty gutted - but all is not (quite) yet lost...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TheBoyChris, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Finally got my medical back from ADSC Lichfield today, and it was a "I regret to inform you..." letter.

    Absolutely gutted, especially because of the reasoning:

    * BMI - Mine was 17.53 at the time it was taken, needs to be 18 (I'm not 18.3, 7 weeks and a lot of hard work later...)

    * Migrane - I had a migrane last year at the end of a project when we were pulling lates and drinking a lot of coffee, and my doctor prescribed me some painkillers.

    That's it. I can totally understand the reasoning, since if you suddenly had a crippling migrane in the middle of aguard duty (or a contact) you'd be pretty useless, but given that this was a one off incident after 3 months of late nights, bad food and computer screens for 14+ hours a day I'm pretty gutted.

    Going to head down to my local Army office and see if there's anything I can do until the Oct 2009 date when I've been told I can have a re-evaluation.

    Still a horrible thing to read Monday morning.

  2. get down the gym get massive, scoff loads, grow your hair long, earn some money, biff some birds. Come back and nail it again
  3. Army recruitment office think that if my doc can sign me up as being ok, and confirm it was a one off, AND my BMI is above 18 then I've got a good case for an appeal.

    So here's hoping.

    The scoff, girls, and money is a good plan too ;)
  4. Did you not know the BMI requirements before you went to the medical? Its not a very tough requirement to beat if youre fit and healthy.

    Gutted about the migraine thing though. Like you said, this could be the harder thing to get around.
  5. I've suffered migraines all my life and am just finishing 22 years (and then some) service in the Infantry. I don't see how they can justify turning you down on that score. As for the BMI, don't have a scooby about that, they didn't worry about it '84!
  6. The BMI is totally utterly sorted now - I was a lot lighter than I originally thought before I went on (dodgy home scales...)

    Made the call to my local recruitment office and seeing them Thursday morning. One can hope.
  7. My Bold

    I understand your frustration but what about 6 months of late nights, constant stress, random terror, loud noises etc. I am sure you felt that your migraine was brought on by special circumstances but I assure you life in the Army will give you plenty of chances to be stressed and get another one but this time a long way from anything but basic medical help and in a potentially dangerous environment.
  8. Yikes, I'm worried about this. I got prescribed Voltarol for what I thought at the time was Migraines, but according to the doc last time I spoke to him, probably just tension headaches.

    I've read a bit more about migraines and certainly don't get them going by their symptoms. I hope if it gets picked up on, I can get the doc to sign me off on this, as the occasional stress-related headache (which in no way incapacitates you) is a different kettle of fish from a migraine.
  9. As already said on here and explained by your recruiter the only one who can sort things is your GP or specialist whos been dealing with you. If they write the appeal letter to the med wing SMO they will assess it. In all the cases i advised my med rejected applicants to appeal against a good 50% were accepted once further information was recieved. So there still is a chance....good luck.
  10. I think I'm fine as far as BMI goes. I've just calculated mine, and it's roughly 22.95.
    I measured my height which was about 1.88m, and weight which was about 81kg (Ok so I'm a tall guy ;) ) then did the appropriate calculations..

    Should be fine I reckon! I also don't have any medical conditions, apart from very (very) slightly dry skin on my rists, which I know the cause of - wearing cheap ass washing up gloves at work (butchers) all day, in very hot water... and I mean ALL DAY. I'm from South Africa, so it's not like a little bit of warmth and my skin goes dry. It's just on the points where the rubber gloves come into contact with, and only on my rists. I spoke to the chap at the AFCO about it, and it's obviously a pretty serious problem, as it could be seen as exsema by the folk over at the ADSC. So he told me to just keep using E45 cream (dermitalogical), which I have been doing... and its cleared it up completely! :D

    So apart from that, which I'm sure won't even be notcied, I'm all good.
    Just got to wait on the date to go down to the ADSC now ;)
  11. Migrane?

    Can you get refused for that?

    Don't think i've ever had one myself..