Pretty Christmas drinks - Aldershot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Paton216tech, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Just putting the feelers out for the above mentioned get together. Maybe meet in the traf and decide from there. I'll. Be working in the grim south from early December. All welcome and food can be organized. Is johnny gurkhas still open? Let's brainstorm some dates and get this well organized. Ex 5ab as a priority but all welcome during this special time of year.
    Merry Christmas
  2. Can I wear my 264 Sqn T shirt?
  3. Is that shirt yours or have you nicked it off Smudge?
  4. VG, that would be about right, PA is always being hung out to dry.

  5. Yes regimental attire is fine but in good condition. No chinos or desert wellies with a hardened piss n. Vomit patent look.
  6. What a good idea!

    You clearly don't know your way around except what you've gleaned from the internet.

    The Trafalgar Inn is still there & is owned by one of my friends, ex 1 Para, who also has the Queen hotel & a few other pubs around the country.
    Although a lot of ex & quite a few serving Para Reg blokes use the Traf, it's now mainly a Guards pub. Yes, & they're all decent blokes too.

    Johnny Gurkhas?...............long gone, but in it's place is the Gurkha Raj Doot.....
    Good scoff!

    Ex 5AB, now you're showing your lack of slipstream experience!

    What about ex 16 Para Bde, or ex 1st or 6th Airborne Division?

    I'll come......bring your gumshield!

  7. Alright lurch pm me some questions. Stuff I wouldn't find via the net. Though why I need to prove myself to a Savoy cabbage like you is beyond me. Did you dodge the XMG tour ? Or was it personal circumstances?

    Think before you speak lurch. Stop trying to ruin Christmas too.
  8. Then a silence fell over the room.......
  9. RV Traff afternoon O'clock, locals have been walloping meths since just after their three shredded wheat.They've turned to in a Wonkily ironed duty XMG tour T-Shirt. Pissed dessie boots.

    Copper up and get a strong continental lager in, then start gobbing off at the "sprogs" who have good naturedly turned up to an internet run ashore.

    Start getting pointy and chesty

    Get fucking snotted, then picked up off the ground with difficulty

    Sob in their comrades arms a bit about some un-identified "operational incident"

    Zig Zag home and swamp their pit.
  10. Hope your air soft MTP is up to the job then.
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  11. Been drinking in the Traf before I see, Gimp?

  12. See you haven't been there lately!
  13. ............a Walt?

    Which XMG tour are you on about, I think you'll find there were quite a few!

    Christmas.....bah humbug!
  14. Not even the gumption or the memory cells to think up a few questions for me. You know i'll score highly thats why.
    Anyways stop trying to throw a spanner in the works, Christmas is the subject here and you're trying to ruin it for everyone.
    As for gumshields i'll bring one for you. Sort out them unflossed rotten dogs teeth for you.
  15. Count me in. Long time since I last got punched in Aldershot, I'm probably due another one
    Can I have white wine instead of lager?

    @pantechnian216, nice avatar btw. Not seen that before, what is it?
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