Pretty blonde green eyes curvy 24 yr old seeks penpal

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I'm 24, single, blonde, green eyes and pretty.

Looking for a guy to entertain and email/write etc. Im in London.

Any takers? lol

Gemmalicious x
Stick a picture up please. Just in case you're really Jan trying to get a bite.
Send a pic and ill guarantee to at least put it in the w@nk bank
oh God I can't watch.... unless animals are involved

Run Gemma Run!!!
You never looked in a mirror?

You aint pretty, you aint blonde and you have the eyes of a Labrador with rabies.

You remind me of that fat lass off Emmerdale.
I've managed to resist temptation for half an hour, because I've been in trouble with Scaryspice before for posting on Lonely Hearts, but she does look like Jodie Foster on steroids.
Not open for further replies.

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