Prettier Than Thou

I was going to nominate this site as the official ARRSE dating service but after reading their list of restrictions, I realized that pretty much all the ARRSe-types wouldn't qualify for membership/listing

If you are:
a redhead, have freckles, non-symetrical faces or bodies, bald spots, hair parted in the middle, ' saggy boobs', ' weird pubic hair', bent essential anatomy [ males] or oversized essential anatomy [ female ] or are over 35 [ after 35 your looks fade and the site doesn't want you ] then you are denied eligibility for listing on the website

which kind of limits their clientele and puts them one up on and, if that matters...

I"m listed on www.JustADumbB*
Their claim:
Online dating for beautiful people

So why stick a picture of a complete howler on their front page? :

And I agree with Morty, I like large breasted Gwars!
Not overly impressed with some of the so called beautiful people on their pages! Although I know I would get in no problem :)

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