Pretentious Chef Bloke's Field Cookery.


OK, it was 100 bayonets' idea, but I've nicked it as I thought it was a good one.

Field cooking, where to start?

RLC / CQMS' Range stew:  a quite astounding combination of angelic shades of tender beef with a hint of screech.  A smattering of GS potatoes really lift this dish from the mundane to the exquisite.  In terms of presentation it really does stand appart as it looks like the most exotic vomit with the faintest intriguing scent of baby faeces.

Bloody nice when cold.  Served from the next table, the nonspecific drink, hot, brown is pretty good too.  


Once had a couple of ACC guys attached in Denmark.. have long remembered the absolute miracles they performed with 10 man ratpacks and some Tommy K on a No 2 burner inside a chicken shed.  Created Apple crumble, spare ribs...amazing skills and major morale boost.  Top blokes.  Both daft as a brush and probably contractorised by now...but a real credit to the Really Large Corps.

Also knew a Marine, who had a big stand-yup argument with some hippy chick about vegetarians - argued that it was impossible to survive without meat.  V nonplussed when someone pointed out that the mince in artic rats is soya.


Mmmm, Spare Ribs......from a ten man 'rat pack'. Did they have any loaves and fishes ??? Did you get Wine from your water bottle??Surely this should be proposed to Rome for consideration as a Miracle!!
Speaking of range stew.. what's all this about it being against health and safety or something.  Or is that only in Germany?  That stuff used to rock my world, but the chefs won't make it here... :mad:


:'(Have you noticed how the standard of catering in most camps has gone down since the change to contract caterer's?

I know most Squaddies will complain about the food no matter how good, but I have to admit that as I visit different units I am appalled at the level of Staff that are employed by these large contract catering firms.



Not only are the civvies not as good at cooking but there attendance record is appalling. Totally unreliable by all accounts