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Filbert Fox said:
chaffinch said:
Hopefully someone with a bit of backbone can restore some sanity
thats what i like, someone with a sense of humour!!
Darwinian theory states that it is likely someone in the upper echilons will eventually possess one - we are vertebrates after all. We could be lucky and witness the event.
5 GS has got to be the worst Med Regt out there, hasnt really got much going for it. A particular personality that may have had something to do with it is posted in the near future i wont say where he is going
5 GS Med Regt. Everyone is most prob just sick of doing all the ops. They have been hammered with the Telics.1,2 and 5. I hear they are going back out on 7. The unit is full of dic*s at the moment. Manily higher up in the chain. Every med unit changes as It used to be the best med regt a few years back

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