Pressure on police over protest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Police are coming under political pressure to explain why no arrests were made during demonstrations in which protesters chanted threatening slogans.

    The protests on Friday in London over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad saw slogans and placards glorifying the 7 July London bombings.

    Shadow Attorney General Dominic Grieve questioned why no-one was arrested.

    " I hope the Met Police Authority sort a new Commissioner out, Bring back John Stevens"
  2. Well unless the Police are about to round up the suspects in the next day or two, having gained all the evidence they needed by photo and video and waited for the situation to calm down a little, then fine. Any other excuse, for that is what it would be an excuse covering up incompetence and misjudgment, is unacceptable.
  3. From trawling through the Sunday papers and watching Sky news and BBC 24, the only incidents I've seen or heard about were -

    1. A white van man who took offence at the 'Death to the west' and 'I love Al Qaeda' placards and got out to have a shout (he was bunddled off but not arrested though).

    2. Two men tried to hand out the cartoons to protesters (were they mad??!!) and were nicked.
  4. Demonstrators I saw seemed to be aware that such things as cameras existed and were hardly adverts for Photo Me booths. Doubtless, there will be sheets of "Do you know this man?" like they have after serious football rioting. Justice will hardly be served if the rioters recognise that of all those with radical banners, hardly any ended up going to court still less being found guilty and set free.
  5. Over the years many and various people have come to the UK , they have made their lives here and have succeeded in being integrated into the population, Jews , Ugandan Asians , Poles , Ukranians to name but a few . The big difference between these people and the Muslims? They have been grateful to the British people and have accepted that they must obey the laws of this country. They have not expected the indiginous population to change to accomodate them.
    To the Muslims remember this country has many freedoms ,one is to leave if you don't like it. You are perfectly at liberty to go and live in a Muslim country if you wish.
  6. Okay, while most of the offenders were not keen to be very overt we should realize that things arent that easy for people who want to break the law today.

    CCTV, covert video and photographic evidence taken while the protesters are forming up, tracked back from the event to them either leaving cars or travelling by the public transport system, even travelling through the city on foot before they were as concious of surveilence, should be enough for the police to identify many if not all of them.

    Prosecution of these people will deter all but the very hard line from doing the same in the future, or forcing them to adopt tactics that in themselves make them suspicious before a future protest.
  7. The Police feel free to beat hunt ban protestors with big sticks.....

    It appears advocating killing foxes in a cruel manner is far less a crime than calling for killing people on religious grounds?

    Strange priorities we have in this country these days
  8. Anyone notice how most of the banners seemed to have been made by the same person? Same A and same S on them - not organised by a poisonous littel mob out to cause trouble then?

    here here on jagmans quote...

    Kill a fox and get your head split open by the fully armed might of the Met riot squad... threaten to burn, kill and murder western europeans and the same police stop people taking your photograph..and allow you to dress as a suicide bomber...don't you love it....Blair's Britain fugging b*ll*cks!!! :evil:
  9. There is no excuse for not arresting those who were advocting, either by shouting or carrying placards, terrorism and the murder of British/European citizins.
    The "softly, softly" approach just makes thre police look like cowards and emboldens the muslim extremists. It all causes the rest of the population, including the muslims who have spoken out against Fridays demonstration, to lose faith in the police.
    I was particularly angered by the plod who threatend to arrest White Van Man. OK, so the guy could have made the situation worse, but the plod's attitude was terrible. He said "They(the muslims)are doing it the right way. You're not. You've got one second to move."
    So, just to clarify, waving placards and shouting slogans that glorify the worst terrorist attack on UK soil, while the relatives of it's victims are still grieving, is the right way to demonstrate?!
    I'd hate to see the wrong way.
    That young plod had obviously watched one too many episodes of the Bill.
  10. The charge will be connected with the display of the banner. Any suggestion that the man seen getting off a No 39 bus, bannerless with full face visible is the same man with hood up, shemagh up to eyes, body contorted with hate will take a heck of a lot of proving. After all, haven't we heard it said, "They all look alike to me"
  11. Once you have them committing the crime but unrecognized, you follow the CCTV records back until you have them IDd or getting out of a vehicle that can be IDd.

    Not exactly rocket science is it?
  12. Why wait? They were breaking the law while surronded by police officers - arrest them at the scene. If there were not enough officers, they should have called for back up.
    When the Pro-Hunt protesters demonstrated outside parliament, the police did'nt hesitate to get stuck in.
    My memory might be failing me in my dotage, but I don't recall fox hunters advocating suicide bomings as a legitimate tactic.

  13. [​IMG]

    Right, I want you to track her back through all the camera footage - yes, thats her, the one in the black burka...
  14. I believe 1para had the right idea with regards to crowd control.

    OPEN FIRE!!!