Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sig_rob, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. What's a good number of continuous press-ups to aim for to bass the recuit select?
  2. 40 in two minutes

    as that as your 'baseline', the result of your first assessment.

    as the weeks go by, and you undertake more assessments this number should increase to 50+

    the increase/improvement will show that you have improved your fitness - or developed! looks better on your reports
  3. Last guy is right, the only other main thing to remember is they need to be proper press ups, i.e. body straight ARRSE down. press up will only count if your biceps are 90 degrees to the floor or chest a fists width from the ground, also feet not too far apart. Dont worry if you cant get them right first time I am sure the nice men in the white vests will give you plenty practice!!
  4. right now i'm managing about 15 in half a min-40 secs or so (chest/face to the floor), so hopefully shouldnt have much prob. really start feeling the burn at the end mind
  5. thought you didnt do push ups at RSC?
  6. presumed it was part of the basic fitness assesment since thats the impression i got when I was at the ACO.
  7. I don't know either way but getting in upper body shape can only be a good thing. Don't chance it.
  8. I'm pushing myself further eaach time i do pressups trying to increase number by 1 each time and i am doing them quite a few times a day so I figure thats a good start

    dont know how up to date/out of date that info is mind but i figured pressups/situps would be part of the Multi Stage Fitness tests. either way I'm preparing good, I hope
  9. OK, I'll offer what I think is sound, common sense advice regarding press ups. Increasing by 1 each time cannot be beneficial forever. I mean, the body becomes fatigued and requires rest. If you are doing press ups several times a day I don't know what rest you will be getting, if any.

    Maybe test yourself once a week? For example, along with other physical activity, do your press ups Tue-Fri. Rest Sat and Sun then on Monday do as many correct press ups as possible in 2 minutes. Record the result. Repeat this each week and check your progress. This is not THE expert guide but it is structured and you can keep an eye on your progress.

    What I used to do, not wanting to do billions of full press ups, I would do a lot of press ups with my hands on a table edge so your body is diagonal as you press. I found I could do these as and when I wanted and as many as I wanted, I did not break out into a mega sweat so could do it clothed in an office foir example and it gave me a rest from full on horizontal press ups.
  10. that sounds like a good plan, structure is important. think I will give that a go. imagine I'm worrying more than I have to, but better than not worrying at all and doing nowt
  11. bench pressing and gradually increasing the wieght after i was comfortable with it.

    e.g +5kg every week.

  12. The only press-ups you'll be doing at RSC will be infront of the doctor, if he asks you to do some that is. I had the pleasure of doing 20 or so in my boxers in front of him.
  13. That's true Geosap. He got me to do 5 press-ups, no idea why though.

  14. He got me to do 15 in no boxers, no idea why though.
  15. He got me to do 25 in a pink leotard. No idea either!