Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Reflection, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi , I am thinking of joining the army and I understand that 'pressups' form a key part of the training itnery while in :lol: . I regularly go to the gym, and lift weights . I also do quite a bit of running so I don't have too much muscle bulk. Despite this I can only get thirty out, thirty five on a good day.What is odd is I can get sixteen good quality wide grip pullups which suggests arm strength /body weight isn't the problem.

    A bloke at the gym says it coz I have long arms and my shoulders and back are helping me with the pullups. Is their any way to improve my press up output? as only being able to do thirty is well, a bit gay isn't it. 8O
  2. um...Do lots of them? All the time...Sort of like training perhaps?? Every once and a while just bang out 15 or 20, and do this a lot during the day. Do some now!
    ....I wonder if that worked....
    But seriously, just keep doing them and you'll get better.

    T C
  3. with press ups you just got keep increaseing them slolwy like aim to do2sets of 20 then rest then rep out train 3 or 4 timesa week i am lucky i quite good at them . but we do loads at karate an jujitsu in hour we can get through 6 or 7 set of 20 full propper press up so just keep trying but remmber to rest and dont over do it !

    like with the run do 3 for 4 miles 3 times awekk keep at it ok good luck it fun honest

    pain hurts but as a para friend of mine says it just the weakness leaving your body so grin and bear it! good luck hope that helps
  4. You seem like a decent guy, but do you have to use that quote. Really, I mean, really, it's such an inane piece of sh1t.

    I just do 3 sets of press-ups to failure every other day for steady improvement. "Tactics" such as doing smaller sets of 10-15 with small breaks rather than straight off to failure in your assessment MAY help you to do more in 2 minutes than you might think. It depends on body shape. Also incorporate chin ups and tricep dips into your regime to help build up your tris. By the sounds of it, you have developed your biceps/brachialis/teres region and lats by doing wide-grip pull ups, which will not help with press-ups, in fact the added bulk will work against the tricep. My advice would be to stop doing pull ups on the bar for a while and swap to chins.
  5. you know in the test where they give you 2mins to do 40 press ups can you take a rest or does it have to be stright away.
    I can do around 30 in about 50 to 60 sec then i need around a 20second rest.
  6. You refer to "continuous motion" style. It is not like that. You may rest with your knees on the ground when you need to.
  7. I do 6 sets of 30 when Im at the gym, interspersed with other exercises, just to work the 'tiredness' out of the chest. Once you get used to doing a number like that regularly, its not much of a stretch to pump out another 20 in the remainder of the 2 minutes (when doing the Army's basic fitness test). And once youve done them, just keep going in 10's, then 5's, then 1's etc. A lot of it's psychology I spose. I can sympathise, being a gym going lad that used to be shite at them myself. I guess its also muscle memory, getting the body used to distributing the load in certain ways on the shoulders and arms etc.

    Really? I thought it was the same over here as in Australia (you can rest by going into the 'up' position and bending your back, but your knees cant touch the ground)?.
  8. Hmm, it's possible I could be talking sh*t. I seem to recall being able to rest on knees however.
  9. Ive herd of people doing weighted pressups any one know how ?
    I tryed stickinga weight from my dumbel on my back but it kept on falling of.
    any one know if you can buy something to do these?
  10. Why not just wear a rucksack with weight in and do them?

  11. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH
  12. Or try elevating your legs, putting your hands closer together, doing claps in between, or just using one arm (tricky). Then try doing all those things at once.
  13. For the two minute test do a set of say 13, have a rest, a set of 12, have a rest, a set of 11 etc.
    it works the test doesnt say do them all together.

    A good press up circuit is to do 25 press ups, 4 heaves, 10 sit ups, 24 press ups, 4 heaves, 10 sit ups, 23 press ups, 4 heaves, 10 sit ups.

    press ups come on heaps. try verying the type of press up with incline, declines etc.

    quite cheeky, i once ruined a pt corps qmsi with that one. although to be fair he had just whipped me on a run.
  14. This is a good one, chuck in some swimming to help cardio, stamina and all round fitness, eat carefully and youll be on to a winner in no time.
  15. Reminded me of a really good training routine GUARANTEED to work!!!

    Day 1. Do ONE press-up! Yes, that's right, just one!

    Day 2. Do TWO press-ups! Yes, that's right, just two!

    Day 2. Do THREE press-ups! Yes, that's right, just three!

    Carry on 'til the end of the year when you'll be able to do 365 press-ups straight off!!!

    (Unless it's a leap year 8O )

    Hope this helps.