Pressups for the Paras

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by rg1991, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads
    Sorry if this has already been posted i did use the search thing but couldnt find what i was looking for.
    Well i was just wanting to know how many pressups in 2 mins ill be expected to be able to do when i arive at basic. Ive heard that they wont be happy until i can do 150 in 1 go? lol Anyone know?
  2. You need to looking at around the 1047 mark really. If this is too much, then apply for the cabbage heads.
  3. 150??? thats more that 1 every second! 90 is good amount to achieve
  4. i think its 60 m8
  5. 150 what a joker year its moor like 60
  6. Any less than 120 and you have issues and should probably sack it and join the Navy.
  7. 120 in 120 seconds week 1 dont be thik
  8. If you can do 150 you will be fine.Just need to do that many in 2 mins!
  9. its 44 just like the rest of the army

    i would worry about p company rather then the press ups.

    and 85+ press ups is a decent score on a pft, for a fully trained soldier.

    dont worry about it, my nan knocks out 44 press ups before she goes to the hospital..
  10. NO the Paras have to do more than the other lot.
  11. If you think thats bad I heard its 240 sit ups in 2 minutes.
  12. this is just pointless thay dont exspet no one to have that sort fitness write away at the end its a diferent story
  13. Wah filter on.

    It's east to find with google. The minimum standard is 60 in 2 mins. Not exactly taxing for someone who is fit enough to think they can pass pcoy.
  14. i nuw it muhaha
  15. kyale.b, re-arrange these words - whale, as, thick, omelette, a, to form a popular phrase :wink: