Pressups, feet raised??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Is doing pressups with feet raised, sofa height, harder? I cant tell.
  2. Good question !

    I'll just check...
  3. Its took you 2 mins to do one press up.... :wink:
  4. Good point , although it depends on the height of your sofa !
  5. it should be harder the more you incline your body because you will be using less of your massive hulking pecs and more of your puny delts....
  6. My delts look better than my pecs.
  7. Incline or decline?
  8. Interesting point... Incline or decline.... although by incline I meant "increase the angle from the floor" rather than taking into account which end the noggin is at!
  9. well i managed 5 sets of 10 and my arms are that good? bearing in mind im just short of 15st
  10. having your feet higher makes it harder, having your hands higher make it easier
  11. Depends where your muscular strength lies
  12. Inclined pressups are harder , try doing press ups with a clap
  13. Doing pressups with your feet raised will target the upper part of your pectoral (chest) muscles and the front deltoid (shoulder) muscles. Doing pressups with your plates on the deck will target the lower part of your pectoral muscles.


  14. Taking things to extremes often helps solve these problems. Think of inclining all the way until your body is vertical and all your weight is above your shoulders. Now, is that more difficult?

    I think Yes is your answer.
  15. Much the same is incline & decline bench press then. Anyone know got an idea of what % of body weight your pushing up? Done 50 (5x10) of these the other day, it must work your lower abs too as mine are sore.