pressups .. breathing techniques

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. anyone got any tips?

    i use to hold my breath when i was doin em... which was a bad thing to do coz ya get fatigued a lot quicker

    i found that exhalin wen i lower meself, and inhalin wen i press up is the best way... i can get a lot more out before i have to stop.
  2. You've asked and answered your own question there chris.
  3. I don't think there will be too much debate on this subject.... it's either one or the other!
  4. lol av just realised that

    oh tired, and al let meself off
  5. i dont really control ma breathing...i try...but thats wot fucks me up lol
  6. in my 'training book' for weights and stuff,

    it says, you should be breathing in on the easier part ie, coming down, and exhaling during the difficult part, coming up.

    it's like this because when you breath in, your chest expands, it uses muscles, and energy or whatever, and you can concentrate your strength much better when your body doesn't have to do 'two energy consuming things at once'

    but i like to think if i'm blowing out when going up, it's like a small jet pack, and whilst giving me a little lift, i'm getting rid of that heavey c02, so making myself that little bit lighter.
  7. Small jet pack, heavy CO2! I luv ya' style JstJake!
  8. what if you fart on every pressup?
  9. You'd be drafted into the circus.....
  10. I think I used to breath on the way down and breath again on the way up, breathing is something you have to remember to do otherwise your press ups just turn into an ugly mess.
  11. Blow on the way up and suck on the way down.

    LOL......... Sounds like what my Missus probably gets up to while I work a night shift! 8O
  12. does that mean id miss my basic training?
  13. Whenever I do pressups i always end up breathing through my arse. Is that any help?

    Try egyptiaan PT, its better.
  14. Breathe IN


    Breathe OUT

    keep going for the next 60 or so years (very important)

    Got that?
  15. Dont think you should give up the day job cos u aint too good at this predicting game is yer...loads of peeps 'ave jumped onto the bandwagon here and given their opinion....Breathing is good for ya whatever way you decide to do it...!