Press contacts should be in the press topic MDN , and I'm going through my inbox now to find the press contacts generated from the last main effort, to get over to you.
Yep............ when we've got one :D

At the minute we are just a shell, but am reluctant to lose the momentum and want to cash in on the 'Christmas spirit' which is clearly in the air.

Disappointed we can't get street collectors out in Brum, but at least we know the score for the New Year.

People will be getting paid early and am concscious that peoples spare cash at this time of year is sparce..... we have a week long window I feel before we go quiet.

Anyone on Prune, ie Cargo sales.... I'd like this chucked in Jetblast, there are millions in there who must have a couple quid to spare
PartTimePongo said:
And it gives me another chance to speak to the future Mrs PTP over at the Torygraph :D
You dreamer! :D

I've asked AB2006 for all of his media and blogger contacts as he has quite a collection now.

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