Press ups

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by vernah, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey,havin problems with the press ups.Do they fail you for not doing the minimum requirement at selection?
  2. You only do 5 press ups, and thats in the medical, if u can`t do that then don`t bother turning up, but u have to do pull ups
  3. 40 press ups in 2 minutes i think it is now. and the heaves number is different depending on which corps you want to join.
  4. I find press ups difficult aswell can only do about 10 but after im out of breath.
  5. i suggest starting with 5, then the next day 6, next day 7, next day 8 and so on.
  6. If your struggling for ways to get good search the forums theres plenty of threads on press-ups.

    But yeah just keep practising everyday
  7. Ok will do cheers.
  8. Ive found benchpressing helps alot with press ups
  9. 5 press ups pfff is this a wah?
    i think min requirments are 50 press ups in 2 mins, 50 sit ups in 2 mins and a tiny 5 heaves. oh and 1.5 mile run but i fogot time you need.
    This is what i need to join and am guessing what you need.
    But if you cant do many press ups how are you expecting to carry heavy loads with a rifle allday in the heat or cold were you are.
    if you cant do press ups push your self till you can, you can always start with small amounts for lots of times. Try doing half your max amount of press ups a few times a day
  10. if found with pressups its often positioning, draw in the abdomen, keep your legs straight together, and try to concentrate on using your triceps rather than your shoulders and forearms, remember to breath out every time you go down
  11. 44 situps and 50 situps, run time varies on job type. I only did a pressup in selection as part of the medical, not fitness tests.

    As its been said many times, raise your pressups by a few each night.
  12. I know it sounds old and stupid but practice makes perfect. I myself struggled to begin with, but just keep banging them out and you'll notice after a few days you'll get better.

    Do as many as you can in a minute, then rest for 2 mins then max out again for a min. repeat this 3 or 4 times.

    Also do 10 press ups, then 9, then 8 all the way to 1 the back up again to 10. When you get the hang of this then try starting at 12 then 11 etc.

    Good luck
  13. I can do 75 which is what I thought is need for Infantry?
  14. Other people have said you don't even need to do Press up's or Sit up's during selection. I am VERY confused. :?