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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ShaunStone, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello, i've been training to get to army entrance fitness level, my run time is coming down and I can do the 50 sit ups in 2 mins okay, however, im struggling doing press-ups for 2 mins. I thought it would be pretty easy for me as I do weights often and martial arts, but I tried it yesterday and could do 40 in under a minute but then my arms just really hurt. So I tried it again today, pacing myself abit more, but it just really hurts to be in the position for that amount of time.
    Any advice would be great thanks :)
  2. No worries. In the test you are allowed to rest. Do 20, rest for 10 seconds do another 20 rest some more, then bang out as many as you can. Alll you need is 50 altogether.
  3. Wrong. For a PFT the minimum for someone under 30 is 44 press ups and 50 sit ups..
  4. And unless you're going in for officer selection, you don't need to do any!
  5. Nice one Soozi, good drills.
  6. Well, im off to uni to join an OTC soon and then I am actually planning to go for officer selection so I probably will need to do some :p
    Thanks for the help guys, ill try out what you said.
  7. In that case you probably will!!!

    Good luck with it all.
  8. there's a training thing - sorry i cant remember it's name, but someone might know what im on about.

    If you max effort is 40 push ups do 3 sets of 28 (about 70% of max) every day, at the end of the week go for your max effort again and you should (theoretically) be able to do more

    take this as your new max, work out 70% again and continue as before.

    Of course if you don't need to do selection for 3 years you probably don't need to do this.
  9. Of course you are correct, but never do the minimum as they say. 44 should be easily achievable anyways.
  10. If you are going to correct someone, could at least do the decent thing and get it right yourself.
  11. I would play around with the way you do them as well - my pal was going to do Close Observation Platoon and they had been told the targets for loads of stuff, including press ups. The rules were you have to lower to meet a clenched fist on the floor. Everybody assumed a hammer type fist, thumb up. On the day it was palm down and so an extra inch and a half of movement. What he thought would be an easy test nearly wasted him.
  12. isis arent you ment to do half of your max press ups so if you can max do 40 your ment to do 20 but 4 times a day or 3 if you have less time

    and surely you can push on to do thoes 4 more press ups without training
  13. You could be right - myself I'm just pushing to get past my personal record of twelve (terrible i know) so at the moment I just do my reps then push for an extra one.

    But I believe it's maximal? so doing more then the required number is a good thing.
  14. A martial arts perspective on the press up.

  15. [quote="futuresparky]and surely you can push on to do thoes 4 more press ups without training[/quote]

    Its the holding myself up in the press up position for 2 minutes that was worrying me. But if you're allowed to rest in it i'll be a-ok I reckon :D