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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get fit for the army. I've got a year to build up. I'm 5'11. I can run, do situps, dorsal raises, step ups, tricept dips but I'm failing misrably with the press ups.

It's been two weeks, third week this week that I've signed upto the RAF's online get fit SMS service thing.

It's helped but I'm nowhere near reaching the press up req for what I want to go into. I can do weight lifting but it's not exactly helping me with my ability to do a few proper press ups.

Has anyone got any tips for exercises or any word's of wisdom which may help my upper body get that extra needed strength?

- Vaz
Practice. Seriously, how many are you managing to do now and how many do you want to be able to do?

There are no real short cuts for Press ups (I looked!). I found the best thing to do is do them in sets. So you could start with 20, quick rest and stretch, then 15, rest, 10, rest, 5. And you can build up from here as well.
How many can you do?
I recommend recruits do them in blocks of 10 or 15 twice, eachtime the adverts come on tv. Then build up to 20, twice each time, then to 25, 30 etc. Those that do it improve rapidly. You need to do this daily.
I want to reach 45-50/minute. I'm dying at 16! Forget about repeats, I can't even hack this much. I guess the veggi diet has something to do with it.

I'm slowly slowly progressing but was just wondering what other sort of arm exercises would be good to do alongside.

The upperbody is really putting me down.
If you go to a gym I'd recommend 20 minutes on a cross trainer and 20 minutes rowing (minimum) for pressups (builds up endurance), aswell as practising them (followed 762' advice).
Then start with something that you can do ie 5- 7. Or try doing one rep of ten each time the ads come on (watching BBC will not help)! Seriously, you will have to push yourself.
as 762baynet has stated this is really a great way of improving plus gives you 15 mins to recover again so endurance shouldnt even come in to it try doing best effort each time the ads come on if watching t.v. it really does work!! obviously there are lots of other things that come into play whilst doing press ups, for instance how wide your stance is. but the best way to improve is try try try and try again good luck pal and a year is a very long time and with the right mindset you`ll be there in no time!!
if your dying at 16 do several sets of 3 or 4 short of failure with 45 second rests, that way you are not exhausting your muscles so they dont take as long to recover, rather than sitting on your arse for the rest do something like sit ups or squats
Get on the weight bench and slap on as much weight on the bar as you can lift for ten reps. When you can do fifteen reps increase the weight until you can only do ten again. Keep this up for a year and you'll be a straight meat 'ead.
Do them whenever I can do them well now after just doing them whenever I had spare time I don't really stick to a programme, even if I'm being a lazy twat and siting in front of the t.v. on my "time off" exercise if there's an ad i pop down twist out 20-30 in a minute or so and there you have it, obviously start small and just keep increasing(only after you can achieve what you set of course).

VazSingh said:
I want to reach 45-50/minute.
May I ask what in the world requires that from a current junior entrant classed person not even at selection stage who is only going to try get in next year? Aim for 20 a minute first then 30 and then instead of increasing that try double it but double the time to say 60 in 2 minutes I think looking at my get fit for the army poster from the ACIO its only 44 in 2 minutes so maybe ur aiming a bit high :roll:
A year and a half ago I could do ... 2 pushups. And that was badly. (Missus was on top).

It takes practice, just do your pushups. Do 10 every hour during the day, next week do 15, next week 20. Keep going, its hard, but get on with it and train. If you are fitting them into a workout, then I sometimes do this:

10 pushups
10 second rest
9 pushups
10 second rest
all the way down to 1 pushup
10 second rest
10 to finish

It hurts the first few times, and be strict on the time, but you'll soon be upping the number of reps you start the countdown with.

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