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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lauren, May 11, 2007.

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  1. this is proble comman but i really stugle with press up im a female aged 15 wantin to join the army in january to afc i can just about do one can any one suggest a way to train to do 10 really easily

    also about pull ups ive brought a bar and if i put it in the door way and i want to do a full exsteneded pull up i would bash my head can any of u make suggestions no jokes please! :( worried person hear
  2. Best way to train to do press ups is to ups!

    Simple! but it works
  3. every hour do as many pushups as you can. In a week you'll do 5 more.

    Or, when you train, do as many pushups as you can, then drop to doing hand/knee pushups for the rest of the set.

    Pullups - bike helmet should do :)
  4. :? ok nice solution and i do intend to do well i have time for revisin for gcses and for training .how hard is the selection cos im worried about that .and like how many press ups and pull ups and sit up is it in 2 minits or something like that help me out hear guys!
  5. My god.......

    Have a look here:

    And for the love of god use spellchecker.
  6. chimpy/chumpy?
  7. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....You English and your crazy spelling. Do they only teach texting in schools these days?

    As for the training love, listen to the advice already given. There's no magic technique, there's only practise.

    Good luck with both the GCSE's and selection, I get the impression you'll need it.
  8. Aye sadly they are teaching that in schools now. Very good friend of mine is an English teacher, and is his classroom he's had to put Shakespeare translation posters (making it no longer shakepeare IMHO) to the effect of: (and I'm not kidding)

    ".....Where art thou Romeo?" = "He's fit innit" and

    "(Some length phrase from the witches in Macbeth)" = "We'll stir sum trubble for da man"

    Lauren - selection isn't overly difficult, no. And as for pressups - you don't do any at selection, however I would suggest doing proper ones (not girl ones) and do 5 or so every time you go into (say the kitchen for example) or your bedroom/whatever. And don't think "I can only do one", think "I can do as many as I can, and every one of them is closer to a picture of me in my numbers 2's on my mums wall"

    Motivation, motivation, motivation girl!
  9. I'm no great fan of the Bard of Avon but by god that's sad.

    As for young Lauren, let's recap, I'm not calling you thick, but it has to be said that your standard of education is pitiful, so what trade are you hoping for exactly?

    I'd have to question your work ethic as well. This isn't a live chat room, how much effort does it take to review and spell-check what you've written? That to me is just bone idle, shows a lack of self respect and a lack of respect for the people you hope will one day be your peers.

    Would you go out to meet your mates at the bus shelter without brushing your hair or in dirty clothes. I doubt it, so don't let yourself down when posting on here.

    As for the physical side of things, stop complaining and train, train as hard as you have to and take pride in every extra push-up. No able bodied person of 15 is only physically capable of one push-up, sorry but that's just not possible. Now mentally capable is a different matter. Believe me, if you are not capable of forcing yourself to do at least two push-ups, forces life is not for you. Think seriously about the path you intend take.

    If you need help getting fit and motivating yourself why not have a word with your PE teacher at school? They still teach that in the UK I assume.

    And for the love of god, please tell me that you can at least run a bit, even if it's only a little bit.

    Edited to add, My Mrs suggests you lower your pull-up bar and curl your legs and my 8yr old daughter pissed herself laughing at your spelling. Buck your ideas up, you can do it.
  10. Well, I've just been for a wee jog, lost the hangover, and now feel a little more charitably disposed to Lauren.

    All the above advice is sensible.

    I would probably spend more time and effort on your education than army selection at this time, however. By all means try to increase your fitness levels but the army will be more impressed by good grades than quantity of push-ups. They expect 15 year olds to be in school not the gym.

  11. To be frank, the only way to improve your performance is to do more push ups!

    When I first started training I was in dire condition, I couldn't do 10 army style push ups. My triceps simply weren't up to the job. I was no 15 year old girl either, I was a 20 year old bloke. It was truly and utterly disgraceful, I'm ashamed to write about it on this forum actually.

    The way I improved was to perform as many push ups as I could, until I collapsed, every other day. That means to exhaustion, and not a push up before. That soon got me up to speed. :D

    As for your English, you're making some basic mistakes that are easily corrected. Learn about the correct use of commas and apostrophes. Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and full stops to end them.

    I'm sure you know about half of these, but simply aren't putting them into practise. That gives the wrong impression.

    Not that I'm anywhere near a soldier yet, but when you ask these chaps questions as I have done, if it appears you've made an effort to come across as coherent and polite, it helps your case no end!

    Lastly, your spelling. It must be improved, and there's no easy way to do it.
  12. For god sake who gives a danm about her spelling..

    As for push ups try holding "the plank" position for as long as you can each day. This really helped my push ups.. also the best way to improve is just to do them.. alot. Do half of your max reps 5 or 6 times a day and you should probably see an improvment quite soon.

  13. Afternoon'

    Cut her some slack aye?

    Yes, her spelling and grammar is dire - however she is trying to correct this.

    She's going to be speaking to a mate of mine who's an English teacher (after asking in a PM for advice by the way) to get some help in bringing it all up to spec.

    Can she spell? No. Is that important? No. What is important, is that she's trying to do something about it.
  14. I agree with everything except what's in bold.
  15. Fair enough, but surely it's no as important as the fact that the girl is trying to do something about it - more so the fact that she asked for the help of her own accord.