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I've joined the TA in the last couple of months, so I have to top up on my PT on my own. Something I'm having trouble with is press-ups. It's not the upper body strength (shoulders and arms,etc), as ive been working on that off and on for the last three months, and I've always been pretty square shaped. But after around 15 the musles around my waist ache like hell.

Anyone else find this? What kind of exercise can I do to fix this? I have a feeling it's the amount of weight on my fat arrse that's causing the problem (95kg*, but dropping).


*total body weight, not just my arrse
looks like you need to work on your core stability. ie your abdominals & back muscles,... your rectus & transverse abdominals, obliques & erector spinae & also some other deeper core muscles.

when you doing your press ups try & contract your abdominal muscles & keep your back as straight as you can, this should happen anyway if you contract your abs.

there are too many exerciss to talk of here, but try & google Core Stability Exercises. PM me if you need any more info.

Mens Fitness magazine/online also has quite good info.
I was having that problem too after I started doing them regularly, it was leaving my abs feeling like I'd just done the equivalent number of sit-ups on top of the press ups. it is gradually getting easier and my stomach is twitching less after a session, so like the last guy said I think my core must be getting more stable.
Infact one nice simple exercise that will help is THE PLANK.... its not so nice though i guess... mwah ha ha...evil PTI type laugh...

Basically, get into the press up position, except rest on your elbows/forearms instead of the palms of your hands. Hold this position. its VERY important to keep your body and back straight, keep your head neutral too so you dont strain your neck.
at first do this in 10-20 second bursts... when your core gets stronger just do it for as long as you can.

when you get really good... get one of those fitness balls & balance your feet on it holding the same posistion!
Cheers Spindarella, I'll give that a try. Also what is it with PTIs and evil manic laughter, is that part of the PTI course?

Edited for idiotic spelling.

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