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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ernie1p, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. hey guys im new here so thanks for having me,
    Anyways my friend has just done his selection and he said they didnt have to do any press ups because for some reason they have taken them out, i am asking because i am thinking of joing thanks for any replies
  2. I find that very hard to press-ups?!!? WTF?!

    "press-up position DOWN!"
  3. Although I doubt they have been removed, I've never seen the point of having them as a test.
  4. That's because you know everything about everything.
  5. Finally, someone has noticed.
  6. press ups have been replaced by baseball cap wearing at differing jaunty angles and the tucking into socks of shellsuit bottoms.

    i mean to pull that look off is far harder than a few press ups. :-(
  7. Why not? They're a good indication of core body strength.
  8. You're still a ******* knob though.
  9. To do what though? Climb a rope? Lift a box? Get over a wall? Why not do those activities instead?
  10. Not that much of a knob I would abuse soldiers who have lost limbs on ARRSE though eh?
  11. perhaps you failed to understand "core body strength"
  12. hahahahaaa......................
  13. You abuse every ****** else. I apologised.

    You haven't apologised for being a waste of space and being the be all and end all of everything ever invented or designed or thought about.
  14. (Tight fitting white vest on)
    "The aim of the Press-ups test is to assess the muscular endurance of the muscles in the chest and shoulder girdle."
    (tight fitting white vest off)
  15. I understand it, just don't really see the point of it as a test, what does a balanced development bring to the party if you can't tab a mile with a bit of weight on your back? When I was in training we didnt have press ups we had heaves, at least it was feasible that soldiers might have to pull their body weight up at some point in the army.