Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by luke, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. I have my BARB test next week, and after a bout of illness over xmas and the new year, I've really been dragging my heels with my training

    Of course I don't need to be fit for the barb test, but it's now hit home that it's really not long before I'll need to be at my best!

    My problem is press-ups - I can do 30 or 40 with my nose almost touching the floor, but if I go right down and crunch my hooter into the dirt I can just about struggle out 12-15 :D

    Just how far down am I expected to go, I've been told my chest needs to be the height of a clenched fist off the floor (someone might have been having me on :eek:), someone else said your nose needs to brush ground.

    I'm tall and skinny, so I suppose I have further to go down than most, but then I'm lighter so maybe it balances out...
  2. Usually as long as your elbows are at 90 degrees that's all that's expected, really depends on the PTI taking it and what he expects, you get a warning though so if he wants your chest all the way down and you're only doing your elbows to 90 you get told. BPFA is no great toughie as long as you are reasonably fit and it sounds like you've been doing some prep for it so you should be ok. Also in basic it's designed to be progressive so they will get you up to the standard required as long as you put in the effort, which it sounds like you are. Good luck.
  3. BPFA is pretty straight forward...ull pass it if ure in good shape..only if you are a cheese burger belly boy you will struggle.

    In terms of push ups, a clenched fist with thumb stickin upwards below your chest is the marker. You will need 2 touch the thumb with your chest each time.. Anyway if the person your doing it with feels sorry for you, he might add a few extra to your total if you promise him a beer later on.
  4. Finally got my back room cleared out (ooo-er) and all my weights and kit in there so its back on the weights bench as well as running and press-ups

    thanks for all the advice (especially the cossy surgery ;))
  5. One more thing!

    Do push-up bars have any use, or should I stick to "conventional" press-ups?
  6. Dont worry you dont do press ups at the recruit selection centre anymore. The first time you are required to do them is at the training regiment. you should be able to do 50 press ups in 2 mins
  7. Bloody hell, I heard they took out the ammo-box carry and pull-ups too.

    What exactly is left for you to do besides the 1.5 mile run?
  8. Sign legal disclaimers and testify that your human rights have not been violated.
  9. Even by the time u do start doing them in basic, they train u up to it (there usually used as a beasting), by time get end of basic u'll easy pass BPFA.
  10. Once you start basic, if you go into the gym, have a look on the wall and somewhere there will be a list of what you are expected to be able to do for the BPFA. (Press-ups, Sit-ups and 1.5/2.4)

    If I remember it is a minimum of:
    56 sit-ups
    45 Press-ups
    1.5miles/2.4Km tc 10:30 minutes
  11. How odd. Mine is 55 sit ups, 50 press ups and 1.5miles in 10mins.
  12. BPFA?

    10 min 30, 44 Press Ups and 50 Sit ups.
  13. Snap!

    Well, if you're under 30 anyway...

    But who wants to aim for minimum standards?!
  14. At the Recruit Selection Centre you now do the 1.5 mile run, Heaves to the beam, jerry can lift/walk(2 jerry cans and walk 150m max or the most you can if you don't make 150m), grenade lesson and test, icebreaker, 5 pyschometric tests and a technical selection test if you are going sigs,RAC etc
  15. Right. Help please!

    When I attempt to do press-ups, if I bend my arms enough (as described above), I can't keep that lovely straight line from shoulders to ankles. After even one or two, I find myself half-lying on the floor... all very entertaining (for me and anyone ese watching).

    So: I can do the 'top' half of press-ups OK, and I'm currently trying to build up strength by doing lots of press-ups from-knees (on the advice of a physio, who used to do triathlons etc), as well as some specific core-stability exercises (as instructed by physio) but wondered if you lot had any other hints and tips?

    Seems a bit silly practising something that I can't do properly, as I will either be kidding myself or getting bad habits or both. Oh, and I will be getting the trainer at the gym to re-jig my programme too, but he's not free for a week or two.