Press-ups: More reps, or more sets?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Shandy123, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Ok, so on my fitness program, I am now at the 'maintenance' stage, doing the same 5 nights a week program, with my routine on Tuesday and Wednesdays involving doing 30 press-ups, 30 sit-ups and 10 biceps curls, then running through then a second time before moving on.
    What I want to know is, when the 30 press-ups feel easy, both times, am I getting more benefit by upping the number of reps to say 40, or by doing another set of 30?
    I'm doing fine with these in the MATTs tests as is (as long as you don't mention the run), but would like to keep improving, obviously. Actually, would increased upper body strength make my 1.5 mile time better or worse, I wonder?
  2. Do another set, but vary your hand position to a wide arm press ups, or switch to tricep dips instead. Same with the sit ups, do crunches for an extra set.
  3. Twice a week i do press ups. I work my way down from 44. It works out to be over 1000. So first set 44 second set 43 etc. Took me a while to build up to 44 i think i started at 22 about three months ago. Try that and you ll see a massive improvement.

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  4. Have you tried the 100 push ups programme? Google it for details.
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  5. Cheers, lots of good stuff to go at there.
  6. try this, it works for me.

    in groups of twenty.

    start with arms from shoulder to elbow ,at a 90 degree and with each group move in ten center meters.
    once hands are touching beneath chest, move them back out in revers but this tiome on knuckles.
    then return to chest this time on finger tips, then back out on one hand and back in on the other.

    one handed now your warm, get a footbal and swap hands mid lift.

    raising one leg with each push up is also good.

    warm down by doing a staright 50, or till failure plus a few more.
  7. To get good at press ups you need to break the movement down:

    - Add power. Heavy bench presses, Press ups with a clap, fast press ups. press ups with added weight.

    - Improve endurance. high rep sets. lots of volume.

    - Improve core strength. People forget that to do pressups for 2 minutes you need good core strength to hold your body up without undue strain. So work on various planks.

    Alternate the power workouts with the endurance workouts.

    As a short term goal, getting good at press ups can be a worthwhile goal. but remember it isn't a particularly good exercise for your posture if done at the expense of other exercises -maybe add some pull ups as well.
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  8. A good one for the planks is 'baby planks'. Start in a pressup position and take tiny baby steps forward with your hands until you're at full stretch. Hold for 10 seconds then do the same coming backwards. 1/5/10/20 pressups when you get back to the start position.

    Repeat until you curl up into a ball and cry like a baby.

  9. Ok, cheers, I will take all that on board. I do some core work every night as part me my warm up, and then do more on Tuesday and Thursday , side bridges, quadraplex, etc.
    Was just looking for some direction on the push-up element, which you have given too, so thanks for that.

    Arrseonist - before you say anything: yes, I know I had to run out and throw up at your last pt session!
    It was all that jiggling as I attempted to skip more than 5 goes round with the rope!
  10. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Upper body strength shouldn't affect your run time, faster/slower, i was told to find a 10 m stretch and run up and down that each end for a few minutes max effort and increase the time, every time you come to do it, a little bit like a bleep test but you have a consistent pace, this apparently improves your run time dramatically!

    For push ups i do a set of 25 then 25 again and i haven't changed this so when i come to it i should be able to do 50 capably!

    Try doing the Plank! this increases main core strength and so when you come to sit ups it relaxes you and the strength is there from planking so it becomes easier, do planking for 5-7 minutes if you can last and even 10 minutes if you really want to push the boat out!
  11. you could give this a whirl if you like, its a decent all round upper body circuit and there's good scope in there to ramp it up as you progress.

  12. For the US APFT we used to do 2 min press ups, 2 min sit ups and a 2 mile run,
    so I used to aim for a nice 120, 120 and 12:00min.

    Want to increase your performance? FARTLEK.
  13. Google Convict Conditioning.

    Edited to add: And chin off the bicep curls.
  14. 123

    123 LE

    Why not keep it at 30 and just put a weight plate on your back, getting progressively heavier once the current 30 are reached?