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I've been giving serious consideration to joining the RAMC for a few years now (am at medical school so have been able to avoid actually making a decision for a while). Anyway, I wanted to try to get my fitness up to scratch in the meantime and I'm happy-ish with where I am with the the run and sit-up element to the fitness tests but I can't master press ups for love nor money!

Any advice on getting the hang of them? I'm sure it's probably a technique issue more than anything as my upper body strength is pretty good - am a pole dancer and can haul myself up a pole easy enough so reckon that's not the problem anyway! Also, any top tips on knocking a bit more time off my run times would be appreciated as I don't just want to be able to pass it, I want to nail it lol

In regards to the press ups go onto the armyfit website and it will show you how a proper press up is done.

Once you know how to do them properly there are many ways in which you can go about achieving the requirements.
You can do as many as you can as often as you. 50 in the morning before you go for a run, another 50 after your run, 50 at lunch time if you can then 50 in the evening. This is how I went about it. No matter how long it takes you make sure you reach the amount you have set. Even if it means you end up only being able to push out one at a time it.

There are loads of topics on press ups that you can look at on here which will have plenty of good advice. The same goes for the running tips. Just keep at it and it will drop down in time.

clairey said:
am a pole dancer and can haul myself up a pole easy enough so reckon that's not the problem anyway!
Can you post some pics of you in action please, without these vital pictures, it will be impossible to assess your upper body strength and advise you of the best course of action, a video would be even better.
Thanks for the advice OCdt - am determined to nail those pesky press ups one way or another..... will check out that website and hopefully that'll point me in the right direction.

Barrack.... this is why I love these actually amazed someone offered useful advice before the tone was lowered - that's surely gotta be a first round here. Unfortunately I don't have any videos to hand at the mo...but as soon as I get some they'll be winging their way to you straight off....honest! 8)
Ahh I really struggle with press ups too. Literally, I could hardly do even 1 when I started practicing. I've found just doing them every day has led to a slow, but eventual improvement. If your maximum is 6, for example, do 3 sets of 3 or 4 and then 1 set of 6. That's the sort of thing I've been doing and I am now able to do 18 in a row!! (Hah, how pathetic, but it's enough for the 21 in 2 minutes which is required for girls!)

I also found doing weights at the gym helped, specifically those that work your triceps.
Do some press-ups.

No seriously, it's the only way. And when you're tired, hold yourself up for a bit then do a few more until you can't take your own weight any more. Twice daily, and you'll improve in no time.
You could also look at this program which works as well!

Click on the above link and go down to "Getting started on your push-up program"

That will help.

You can improve your upper body strength and so your press up program by using free weights like dumbbells.
If you fancy using this as well choose exercises like dumbbell bench press and exercise your back as well with lat pull downs and seated rows.
Remember to keep strength in your chest and back at a 1:1 ratio. In other words your one rep max for your dumbbell press should be the same for your lat pull down.
Have a look at this PDF( to get it click on the top most search result) Interesting study on how US Army PFT and 2 mile loaded run times where imp[roved with weight training and running.

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