Press Ups for girls!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by greengoblin, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. I have been training for quite some time now and realise that I can't put off getting press ups squared away for any longer. I am hopeless. I've tried doing them on my knees etc etc but I want to be able to do proper ones. Anyone got any exercises good for improving press up ability ?(Apart from the obvious of doing press ups COS i CAN'T DO THEM!!!) I have alos tried doing weights but hasn't really helped.

    Plus I'm OK at distance running, I can manage to get myself around 5-10 miles OK shorter faster distances seem to be a problem. I want to improve my speed for general fitness any ideas for a programme?
  2. For speed work, you need to concerntrate on Interval training. In essence this is sprinting. Try 10x100m sprints with 70-80% effort. Your recovery time is gently jogging back between reps. Each week increase your distance but reduce the number of reps i.e. 8x200m. You can tailor your own programme to your required needs.
  3. If you cannot do proper push ups then do the girlie ones until you can.
  4. Get a spine!! If you cant do proper press ups you must be a jelly fish!
  5. girlie, press ups, need help???
  6. say again, over????????????????
  7. Join the navy, the army is for men :strong:
  8. who's he ??? :thumright:
  9. Bugger someone edited it!! :frustrated:
  10. Are you a girl?
  11. Of course, if I was a lad would I be talking about girl press ups (Unless I was in the Navy!!!)
  12. nowt wrong with girlie press ups, :thumright:
  13. Strengthen your core by laying on your stomach and raising your arms and legs in the air, curling your body.

    There is another exercise that physio's advocate to improve core strength that involves core muscles, its difficult to describe but you lay on your back and push into the ground, its a muscular movement that feels abit like your squeezing your sphincter (just go and ask the physio).

    This will enable you to keep a good dynamic when performing pressups and reduce fatigue.
  14. and your problem is??

  15. Might be obvious but it's the best way.
    If all you can do is one, make sure it is one good one, no half measures then practice until that good one becomes two and so on.

    Practice when you can with effortless goals such as.... everytime you walk into your bedroom get down an do one quality push up, without realising you could have done quite a few by the end of the day.

    A good strength exercise is to get into the press up position but instead of fully extending your arms, rest on your elbows & forearms and hold the position for 10-20 secs or as long as you can, relax then repeat. It helps strengthen your core/mid section muscle groups, preventing "rounding or dipping" of the back when doing your press ups.

    Stick with it, cant means wont, wont means jail :D