Press ups for AOSB Briefing

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Scazmatraz, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Argh!

    So I have my AOSB Briefing in just under 2 weeks. Have been training hard for a while now, and while I'm comfortable with the 1.5 mile time, doing it under 10mins and fly through the 40 situps, my press ups are really struggling. Need to do 21 in two mins. I can do a push. Pathetic I know!

    Its frustrating because I know I'm fit enough and would be so hacked off if I ended up with a Cat 2, or worse because of a few crummy press ups.

    Any tips to make the magic 21 in two weeks?
  2. you do mean 50, don't you?

    I'm told that the only way to get better at pressups is to do lots of them. Try that. And stop doing them 2 days before, you'll only knacker yourself.
  3. You can only manage 15 press ups in 2 mins?? That's a joke right?
  4. opps yeah I meant 50.

    What I mean is 15 without stopping....still pathetic but with a break I can do more! But its not like I can get 15 done have a break and then do the other 6 to finish within the 2 mins!
  5. I don't know if it's changed since I went a couple of years ago, but we didn't need to do any pressups for briefing - the full PFT is saved for Main Board. All you need to do is the bleep test to 10.2, as well as about half of the obstacle course in a reasonable time. But yeah, the only way to improve is to do them repeatedly! Before bed, after lunch etc. Spread them out a bit.
  6. They just show you form at the Briefing, the only phys you actually complete is the PFT and the assault course.
  7. o ok, panic slightly over! Will keep working on them for when I (hopefully) attend the main board!

  8. Search 100 push up challenge
  9. 21 push ups is the requirement?wat r u joinin,the agc?
  10. 21 pressups in 2mins is the ******* joke, seriously its not that low now?
    oh and do the 100pushup challenge starting on week 4
    21 ******* pressups, mutter mumble &tc
  11. Women don't need to do as many. Innit.
  12. Ye but 21.....hell
  13. yep us gals only have to make 21 in 2 mins...s'all relative though I guess. Either way 21 is still hard work for me!

    Have checked out 100 pushup challenge and will be starting as of tomorrow!
  14. aha, female is it?
    in that case 15 is pretty good

    still start week4 though, column 1 should be about right
    tues day 1, rest day weds, thurs day 2 &tc

    should have you doing around 30 or so after 2wks

    pob lwc
  15. What even is min for reg infantry 44?