Press ups etc for children

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by zippy483, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Good evening all

    I have a question for all you PTI's etc out there.

    My little girl has recently taken up Gymanstics (she's 6), I arrived home from work tonight to discover her and MrsZippy practicing the days Gymnastic lessons, which apparently included press ups them being full blown straight back only hands and toes touching the floor you know the ones the same kind you have all done thousands of during your carreers.

    I seem to remember that ladies were encouraged to do pressups on their knees for some reason or other that has been lost in the mists of time

    I am also a cadet instructor and "we" can't have our cadets doing press ups unless in the presence of a fully qualified PTI.

    so the question is can anybody deliver chapter and verse as to why my 6 year old doing press ups may be damaging to her little body?

    If the consensus is that it's ok then fair enough I would just rather her not get to injured at such a tender age.

  2. I imagine the Gymnastics coaches are qualified ?
  3. I seem to recall that had something to do with WRAC being a bunch of winging phys. dodgers

  4. Funny enough that's what I thought it was. Mind you it's the same for the Cadet Leadership Course - blokes do 30 push-ups while the girls do something like 20 with their knees on the ground. Probably something more than just sexism in that case.
  5. It's the why's of girls with knees on the ground that I'd like to know the Gym coach is qualified which is why I haven't just jumped in there said eh that's not right

    I just need to be armed with a few "facts" before I go off half cocked, I have no problem with her doing press ups etc if it isn't going to do her any sort of injury that can be avoided, I don't see much wrong with it if properly supervised, probably just an neurotic parent you know how it goes :)
  6. I think it has something to do with the strength of the female breastbone. Apparently RAF-types are advised to do the same lest their spines give way.
  7. As I understand it there is little, aside from the obvious, difference in physiology between the sexes whilst children.
    Its only later during puberty that physiology changes and women struggle with press-ups due to less upper body muscularation/instilled mincerism.

    Either way your daughter is going to need some serious strength to become proficient at gymnastics, and the trainers more than likely know what they are doing.

    Thinking about it I've never seen a trainer go anywhere near as hard on a girl as they would a guy - both sexes.
  8. Was not aware that spines were on issue to RAF types?
  9. No, just fucking phys. dodging, they should read some Virginia Wolfe, that would fucking learn'em.

  10. pervert
  11. Females generally cannot do as many press ups as guys because they lack the natural higher upper body strength of males. Which is why some PTIs let the females do them on their knees if they have to.

    Thats all - if your daughter can do them then let her do them
  12. Mine started gymnastics at 5, and various martial arts "tots" classes at about the same age. Both activities included press ups. There's absolutely no reason not to do them; at that age they can either manage them or they can't (and good instructors will allow easier variations for those that can't).

    I'd say an early start on upper body strength has to be a Good Thing; hope she's enjoying the classes!
  13. My daughter (who's just turned 10 years old) has been doing press ups as part of her gymnastics training for a year or more now with no side affects. I am more amazed at the amount of sit ups and core strength work that they do, she has ended up with an awesome six pack though.

  14. Most women in the army struggle to do pressups and achieve a decent runtime because they are fat lazy gronkers. Those that bother their arses to do a bit of phys have no problems.
  15. Considering the OP's daughter is likely to spend the next few years using her cunt to break her fall off the beam, or smashing her grid on the asymmetric bars, doing a few press-ups is hardly the main area of concern.