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press ups at selection

if you get under the minimum amount what happens?
is it a fail or does it depend on how well you do on other tests?
also are the press ups measured to a fist on the florr?
many thanks george
mate i was told u had to do like 50 in 2 mins but at adsc there was no test for press up or sit ups! dont think they do it anymore! i was there in september at glencourse.
u do pull ups tho but i dont think u need to do anymore than 1 to pass tho!
how many press ups can u do?
it depends, if ive just got back from a run and im hyped up i can do round about 50 in 2 mins, but if i try just before bed i get around 39-45. is 10:58 a decent time for harrogate, that was my first time but im going again in a bit, ill update n let you know my time.
The upper body strength test at selection consist of heaves, static lift, dynamic lift and back extension measurements. Their are no assessments on press ups or sit ups. They come in at phase 1.
ok cheers everyone that has replied. done my mile and a half tonight and knocked 28 seconds off of last time, i done it in 10:29. now i was going to go in as pwrr but im only 1 minute off para run times, so if i get it down to 9:30 or less then im going to go para if there are any places left :).
saltman147 said:
so if i get it down to 9:30 or less then im going to go para if there are any places left :).
9:18 is minimum required time for paras, unless you lift over a certain weight on the dynamic lift I believe.

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