Press ups and sittups

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Desborough, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    Is the sit ups (44) and pres sups (50) or something like that and absolute necessary to pass the phase 1,

    Or is it a case of they train you to do it

    Or a case of they take into consideration the effort I'm putting in?

    Andrew :wink:
  2. Nah you need to pass, but dont worry they will give you plenty to do in phase 1, something like 50 every pt lesson :) haha , youll get use to it, just smash them out whenever you can!
  3. 44 - 50, that's what it was when I was in - they will train you to get there. However, train like a bugga before to get as many as you can.

  4. Thanks Lads What im doing at moment is maxing out one day and then doing 2 halfs of what i can do the next day And then maxing out again nearer the end of the week.#

    Is this advisable?
  5. Cant remember what this is called but

    do 10 then a quick rest, then 9 then a quick rest then 8 and so on down to one then start again, at the end you realise how many you have done!
  6. Maxing out then doing 2 halfs!? Think I know what you are getting at however would suggest if working out doing 4 sets per session (adjust No per set as fitness improves) then test yourself once a week for max reps to see if you are improving. Check the net for a good workout prog, don't neglect core muscles.

    Also worth setting mini goals, 15 mins TV/Playstation etc then 15 press ups.

    "Train hard fight easy," and good luck :D
  7. It sounds similar to pyramids, easier if you have a training partner.

    Do one press up partner does same, do two press ups partner does same, keep going until exhaustion. Maintain press up position and don't be too depressed when your brain is screaming "Come on its only 10 press ups!" You have just completed your 55 Target Figure!
  8. Pyramids! thats the one :) , did them all the time in basic, good with a partner because you always want to do more!
  9. Wow, Pyramid sounds better than what im doing, I will try that starting at 10,

    I was tld pullups are essentail to do atleast 2?? Any confrimation please. My ACO rang me last night and theyre going to help me get my weight down before they let me enlist.

    My BMI is 33.52

    And my height is 174

    So im a canny bit overweight.
    Not disclosing weight exactly lol :roll: U can work it out else ways
  10. My morning routine (EVERY morning):

    Out of bed straight on to the floor in a press up position and pump out 25. Roll on to my back and 25 sit-ups. Then I go for a dump.

    I'm 48. I've been doing this for 13 years. Come the BPFA 70 plus of each was a doddle and it was max points for moi.
  11. Well just any opportunity you get, run run run! and eat healthily and less! simple :p just requires the will power!
  12. i generally push 100 out in each session thats do 25 then 25 sit ups then 25 press ups ect... 100 each like the other post you can try pyramids alternatively i eased myself in by doing different types of push to strengthen and improve my standard push up strentgh
    try this link
  13. Simply by knocking as many as I can out in 2 minutes, twice every other night I've managed to go from 25 to 39 press-ups and 30 to 45 sit-ups in about a week and a half, then again I suspect that I may have been capable of more all along and I was just too slack.
  14. Brilliant,

    Keep them coming i will take all into consideration,

    The "Pyramid" technique seems to catch my atention at the moment.
  15. How do you have a crap when you first wake up? I find it impossible.