Press-up Test. How is it done?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by plokij, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Hello all.

    MB coming up soon - I just thought I'd tap into the collective wisdom with a quick question re. the press-up test.

    Is the press-up test done to a called count, (up, pause, down, pause, up, etc ad infinitum) or is it fairly free? If it is done to a count then I might be in a spot of bother - while I can blast through 44 with decent form without too much trouble, doing them to a count takes a lot more out of you!

    How strict are the DS so far as form goes anyway? Is it a case of them wanting to see chests on the floor on the down and full extension of the arms on the up, or are they just looking for a respectable attempt at the exercise? I realise that they are going to have you repeat a blatantly half-hearted attempt, but are you going to find yourself in a situation where you end up doing a lot more then 44 press-ups total owing to perhaps relatively minor imperfections in form?

    Slightly schoolboy questions I know, but the subject was fairly quickly dealt with at the Briefing:
    DS: "Do you all know how to do press-ups?"
    Briefing Group: "Yes!"
    DS : "Right, you have to do 44 of them in 2 minutes" [Exit left]
    Only a few months afterwards do the questions I should have asked come to me...

  2. Its as the DS said, 44 (minimum) in 2 minutes. You do them at your own pace, they will give you a demonstration of how to do them.

    Keep your body straight and try touch the floor with your chest,pivoting on your toes, though as long as you get 90 degrees on your arms you should be ok, then fully extend your arms on the up.

    You do get to rest on the test, so it is not 2 minutes continous press ups.

    Best of luck.
  3. Thanks for confirming that!

    I was interested to hear that you are allowed to rest - is it on your knees, or is it only in the up/down position that this is allowed?
  4. On your knees, but you have to start again in the down position.

    Make sure you keep your back straight. They are very strict about it.
  5. And on the sit ups only your shoulder blades need to touch the deck, not the back of your head (that just hurts and makes you dizzy for the run)
  6. Its not 44 minimum, its 44. You stop once you've achieved 44 and step back from the mat. Admittedly you ought to be aiming higher than that for when you start at RMAS.
  7. Although not familiar with the exact test you refer to, it is not normal in Army circles to go down as far as chest to floor. Normal form is either 90 degrees at the elbow or, alternatively, chest down as far as to touch the clenched fist of whoever is counting.
  8. i agree
  9. I'll take a rap over the question re. a called count, but to be fair, I also asked about adherence to 'good form' and ability to rest during the 2 min; neither of these are discussed on that page. Anyway...
  10. Make sure your form is good, on my main board I had a bloke in my group who did approx 60 press-ups due to his form being poor and the DS not counting the press-ups, luckily he completed 44 good form press-ups just within the 2 minutes
  11. Assume the position - go!

    Bend-a. Stretch. Bend-a. Stretch. Bend-a. Stretch.

    And so on.
  12. That's exactly what happend to me, except that I did more like 80 until he was satisfied. Make sure your back is ruler straight when you do them.
  13. I've a question about press up form. I'm having real difficulty doing the press ups where your arms are close to your chest but I'm fine doing them further away.

    Apparently it is harder to do this for females regardless.

    I've asked a couple of people and they seem to think either way is fine but I just thought I'd ask again to ease my mind.